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LOS ANGELES.The University of Southern California Institute of Armenian Studies is planning a symposium titled "The Armenian Diaspora:
October 8, 2010
*USC Symposium on Armenian Diaspora Unity*
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*USC Symposium on Armenian Diaspora Unity*

LOS ANGELES.The University of Southern California Institute of Armenian Studies is planning a symposium titled "The Armenian Diaspora: Elective Leadership & Worldwide Structure," with the purpose of identifying strategies to promote Armenian unity.

The daylong symposium will take place on Saturday, November 20, at USC.s Town and Gown.

Speakers at the conference are: Gov. George Deukmejian; former U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Evans; attorney Mark Geragos; California Courier publisher Harut Sassounian; journalist/author Mark Arax; Prof. R. Hrair Dekmejian, USC; Prof. Stephan H. Astourian, University of California, Berkeley; Dr. Gaidz Minassian, Foundation for Strategic Research in Paris;
Archalus Tcheknavorian-Asenbauer, Senior Advisor, United Nations, Vienna; Prof. Levon Marashlian, Glendale Community College; and Prof. Andrew
Demirdjian, California State University, Long Beach.

The presenters at the symposium will explore the possible establishment of a unity framework that could represent Armenians worldwide, except those in Armenia and Artsakh, who already have elected governments. Such a collective body of elected representatives could legitimately claim to represent Diaspora Armenians.

"Armenians are great believers in unity. Actually, they are obsessed with it. Yet, despite all the talk about unifying the Armenian people, writing fiery poems and singing patriotic songs about the benefits of unity, this most cherished dream remains elusive. Even in perilous times, Armenians have remained at odds and marched to the beat of different drummers," says Harut Sassounian, publisher of the California Courier.

A transnational organization could create for the first time an elected leadership with political and economic clout capable of promoting Armenian interests, preserving cultural values and defending Armenian rights.

The symposium is open to the public and will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., on the USC Campus. Complimentary breakfast and lunch will be served, and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

For reservations or further information, please contact the USC Institute of Armenian Studies:

Jean Eckian, via Appo Jabarian

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