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CNN International to Feature Armeniaís Tatev Revival Project
Story focuses on world’s longest aerial tramway set to open Oct 16 in Southern Armenia

CNN International will feature this weekend the story of a groundbreaking effort underway in Armenia that will bring to life its greatest ancient monastery and spur the revival of tourism and development throughout the country.
The segment, produced by Yerkir Media for broadcast on CNN, will present the massive $50-Million Tatev Revival Project to the international arena and share with viewers worldwide the project’s ambitious vision to construct the world’s longest aerial tramway.
The report by Yerkir Media correspondent Gayane Avetisyan will air on CNN International on the following dates and times:
• Friday, Sept. 3: 10:30 PM PST
• Saturday, Sept. 4: 6:30 AM PST
• Sunday, Sept. 5: 6:30 PM PST
• Monday, Sept. 6: 1:30 AM PST
• Tuesday, Sept. 7: 8:30 PM PST
It will also be available online Monday at
Spearheading the massive $50-million Tatev Revival Project is the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia. This public-private partnership is set to officially launch the Project on October 16 with the grand opening of the $13 million aerial tramway. Under construction since last fall, this 3.5-mile tramway will link Armenia’s main regional highway to the village of Tatev and allow visitors to bypass a 90-minute drive in and out of the rocky Vorotan River Gorge to reach the monastery.
Asbarez columnist Paul Chaderjian was in Tatev this summer to report on the project and the groundbreaking event. His report, published on August 4, 2010, is titled ‘Tatev Revival Project Grand Opening in the Fall of 2010’
Chaderjian also wrote a personal travelogue about his visit to the village of Tatev and his interactions with its villagers in our “Three Apples” column titled, ‘Seat of the Armenian Soul on July 9, 2010.
Connect with the Tatev Revival Project at:
Connect with the National Competitiveness Foundation at:

Annette Melikian

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