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20 Ap 2010 - Appeal to all Armenians around the world
To mark the 95th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, I appeal to all Armenians around the world to write the names of victims in the Armenian Memorial
This contribution is a moral obligation for those who can bring together by number and name those members of their families who suffered this unspeakable crime against humanity, termed "genocide" by Raphael Lemkin.
I solemnly ask you to ensure the memory of our martyrs lives on in the memorial on
To refrain would be to abandon your own identity by leaving a gaping hole to swallow up the most grievous abuse.
Each name registered is a cry from the depths (the source of the truth).
With the support of Charles AZNAVOUR
Jean Eckian
Freelance journalist
-Giovedi 15 Aprile 2010


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