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Cultural genocide International Conference
Cultural genocide International Conference
April 20, 2010, Yerevan
Erebuni plaza, 9th floor, “Erebuni” hall
10:30 – 11:00 Registration of Participants
Prayer – Navasard Archbishop Ktchoyan
11:00- 11:30 Plenary session
Opening speech
• Hranush Hakobyan, Minister of Diaspora of RA
Welcome Speeches
• Tigran Sargsyan, Prime-Minister of RA
• Vahan Hovhannisyan, MP, Head of Dashnaktsutyun Faction
• Aram Simonyan, rector of Yerevan State University

11:30-12:45 First Panel /moderated by Suren Manukyan, Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute/

• Hayk Demoyan, (Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute)- Cultural Genocide as challenge of 21 century.
• Erwin Weegenaar, Ministry of Justice Netherlands - Destruction of Cultural Property as an International Crime: Cases of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.
• Vladimir Vardanyan, Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia- The codification of the responsibility for the Cultural Genocide in Contemporary International Law.
• Seda Parsamyan, (Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute) – The Continence of Destruction of the Armenian Cultural Heritage in the context of changes of Turkish Governments.
• Lusine Sahakyan, Yerevan State University, the Faculty of Oriental Studies- The policy of Turkification of the Toponyms as a part of Cultural Genocide

12:45- 13:00 Questions, Comments, Discussion

13:00-13:30 Coffee-break

13:30- 14:45 Second Panel /moderated by Hayk Demoyan/

• Hamlet Petrosyan, Yerevan State University, Faculty of Cultural Study – Cultural ethnocide in Artsakh. The Mechanisms of Appropriation of Cultural Heritage
• Pamela de Kondappa, Kings College, Great Britain, The Cultural Genocide. theoretical approaches.
• Nikol Margaryan, Yerevan State University, Faculty of Cultural Studies - Names in the Context of Cultural Genocide
• Anush Hovhannisyan, Institute of Oriental Studies, Armenocide in the context of Cultural Genocide
• Eva Merenic, Hungary, The propaganda policy of Turkey and Azerbaijan in Hungary
• Lilit Petrosyan, “Tsirani” NGO, Cultural Genocide. Legal analysis

14:45 - 15:00 - Questions, Comments, Discussion

15:00 - 15:30 Coffee-break

15:30 - 16:45 Third panel /moderated by Arman Eghiazaryan, Ministry of Diaspora/

• Samvel Karapetyan, Research of Armenian Architecture - The Condition of the Armenian Monuments in Western Armenia.
• Ashot Hakobyan, Research of Armenian Architecture - The restoration of the Armenian monuments in Western Armenia.
• Raffi Qortoshyan, Research of Armenian Architecture - The Information Concealed in the Turkish language Signboards of the Monuments of Western Armenia.
• Anna Aleksanyan, (Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute)- The folk music and Armenian Identity in the Ottoman Empire and Republic of Turkey.
• Hasmik Grigoryan, (Armenian Genocide Museum &Institute)-The Main Motivation of the Large-Scale Participation in Genocides. The case of the Armenian genocide

16:45- 17:00 Questions, Comments, Discussion

17:00- 17:30 The Closing of Conference


Hayk Demoyan, Director of Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute
Erwin Weegenaar, Expert of Ministry of Justice Netherlands
Vladimir Vardanyan, Head of Department of International Treaties of Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia
Pamela de Kondappa, PhD student, Kings College, Great Britain
Seda Parsamyan – Researcher of Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute
Hamlet Petrosyan - Head of Chair of Cultural Study at Yerevan State University
Lusine Sahakyan - Lecturer of Chair of Turkish Studies at Yerevan State University
Nikol Margaryan - Lecturer of Chair of Cultural Study at Yerevan State University
Anush Hovhannisyan – Researcher of Institute of Oriental Studies
Eva Merenic - Hungary, PhD student at Budapest University
Samvel Karapetyan - Executive Director of Research of Armenian Architecture
Ashot Hakobyan - Research of Armenian Architecture
Raffi Qortoshyan - Research of Armenian Architecture
Anna Aleksanyan - Researcher of Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute
Hasmik Grigoryan - Researcher of Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute
Lilit Petrosyan, “Tsirani” NGO

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