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Sculptor Nelson Afian was born in Yerevan, Armenia on October 6, 1979. Coming from a family of artists, Nelson has followed in the historical practices begun by his grandfather a master stonecutter. Raised among his brothers and uncles who work as jewelers, painters and architects, Nelson has a long history of exposure and experience in traditional art forms that he has incorporated into his own unique style and technique in developing modern sculptures and artistic works.

Having discovered Nelson's talents at an early age, authorities placed Nelson in a special school for artists and in 1994 enrolled him in the prestigious State Kharkov Art Academy in the Ukraine at age 14.

Upon completion of his education with honors, Nelson was admitted to the famous Russian Academy of the Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia, where, with distinction, Nelson earned both his Masters and Doctorate in Art. In 2003 the Academy awarded Nelson the coveted Gold Medal and an honorary certificate of excellence for his success and achievements.

Having been recognized as one of today's most accomplished sculptors and designers, Nelson was appointed in 2003 as the official sculptor for the renowned International Music Festival where he created the design for the new statues awarded each year to world-accomplished musicians.

In 2005, Nelson was recognized and awarded by the Russian State Architect's Association for his extra-ordinary participation in the international competition for the memorial dedicated to the tragic events which took place in Beslan, Russia.

In 2006 Nelson earned a Masters degree from the Russian Academy of Arts

Today Nelson Afian continues creating new designs and developing projects for municipalities, government entities, private individuals and other organizations. Nelson's clients include the City of St. Petersburg, the City of Moscow, the Russian Federation, the Armenian Apostolic Church, Greek commune in Europe, building companies, Russian and German banks and others.

Residing in St. Petersburg, Nelson continues ahead with his ideas and vision of creating new and awe inspiring sculptures, drawings and designs. He looks forward to working with individuals and organizations and he welcomes inquiries for participation in artistic projects world wide.

'Shadows of children', 'Refugees', 'Appearance'
The tree is a tree of Life...
The tree the woman has come to is the place of her beloved mans grave. The shadows are their children who have departed and for whom the parents grieve. Both symbolise memories restored to the people.
Like a thought, like a shadow, like a mirage, that draws a silhouette between the tree and the figures - they are departed, but present in a different hypostasis.
Between the two central concepts of the composition, which express memory and pain, is the central group of 'refugees'. Despite the tragedy they have suffered they have been able to survive,

to save thier faith, culture and their future. Nelson Afian sculptor

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