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EUís Policy: Armenia-Turkey Normalisation of Relations
Without Pre-Conditions
The European Armenian Federation for Justice & Democracy welcomes the statement by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Catherine Ashton, confirming European Union’s unwavering commitment to the normalisation of relations between Armenia and Turkey without any pre-conditions.

The Federation would further point out that inherent in the EU statement is the recognition by EU’s highest-level leadership that an imbalance exists between the disposition of Armenia which has followed the “no pre-conditions” principle and has submitted the signed Protocols to its Parliament, and that of Turkey, which is insisting on pre-conditions thus halting the ratification process, while at the same time making statements in support of the normalisation process.

The Federation also commends the European executive for its active efforts toward reinforcement of ties, within the Eastern Partnership framework, between Armenia and the European Union leading to closer political association and economic integration.

“At the same time, we deeply regret that so far there has not been a strong and unanimous condemnation, by the European Union’s leadership, of Prime Minister Erdogan’s open threats to deport the Armenians living in Turkey in retaliation for the US congressional consideration of the Armenian Genocide resolution,” declared Hilda Tchoboian, Chairwoman of the European Armenian Federation.

“Turkey’s present blockade of Armenia and its systematic policy of denial of the Armenian Genocide should lead the European Union to have a full appreciation of Turkey’s politics of aggression in the region,” added Hilda Tchoboian.

The European Armenians expect the European leadership to stand firm on its refusal of any pre-conditions to normalization of relations. They also expect the leaders of Europe to clearly demand that the Turkish blockade of Armenia is lifted once and for all.

Euro Armenian Fed.

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