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050629 - Souren Sarafyan - London
ghibrahayer-armenian agency
I heartily endorse Susan Pattie's thoughts regarding the Armenian Cemetery.
We should all work not only undoing the damage done recently but helping to restore it, (one has to admit that it was badly in need of remedial work even before the recent vandalism). As I have said before, if the Community in Cyprus came up with a clear plan on what needed to be done, the funds to do the work could be found.
I for one would be more than happy to contribute towards such an endeavour.
To work we need a clear plan of action, and complete transparency on how the funds collected are to be used, with accounts published, through the Church Council if needed and then made available through say your good offices so that everyone can see that there is no short-changing / profiteering.
What are peoples opinion on this?
Souren Sarafyan - London


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