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050629 - Simon Maghakyan

Ghibrahayer- Armenian agency
Dear friends,
As Radio Free reported on 20 June, 2005, "Paul Williams, a representative of the U.S. Public International Law and Policy Group which monitored the poll [in Nagorno-Karabakh], today said that the vote met international democratic standards. "
This is the next step to the recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh's independence!
I came up with a simple idea that could support to the recognition. The method is inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.'s struggle for the rights of America's blacks.
We shall send random letters to residents or government offices of Karabakh and write "The Republic of Nagorno Karabakh" for the address. Indeed, the post offices will be in shock at the beginning and most of us will receive "return to the sender" error letters.
But if we keep sending letters in 12 months (at least 1 letter a month), they will have to listen to us and figure out where that Republic is!
Most of us do not have references in Karabakh, but I will send you a sample address (perhaps a government office address) shortly and you can send letters (it can even be one word, like "barev") to that address.
The participates of this project cannot be from the Republic of Armenia, because post offices in Armenia already deliver post to Karabakh with any name.
To learn more about Nagorno-Karabakh visit
This letter has been sent to everyone in my mailing list, so please don't be upset if you are not interested in the recognition of this democratic republic.
Simon Maghakyan


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