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Holiday Wishes frome Vartan Oskanian, Civilitas Foundation
Armenia in 2009: Promise and Reality
Tuesday, 22 December 2009 13:13 |
This second annual country report comes to build on the analysis and projections made in the Civilitas Foundation’s first annual report issued in December 2008. At that time, the newly established foundation launched this annual publication to fill a gap – the need to assess global, regional and domestic developments from the inside, looking out. In other words, these annual reports come to complement the various assessments carried out by international organizations, to serve as the Armenian perspective on the year’s developments within and around Armenia, and to take stock of the outlook for the coming year.

During the year, the Civilitas Foundation’s three program areas -- the Council on International Relations, the Democracy and Development Initiative and the Generation Center – offer opportunities to publicly and privately discuss and debate the economic and political realities around us. The Generation Center convenes periodic gatherings with individuals from various walks of life and different political perspectives to identify the challenges and propose approaches. The Democracy and Development Initiative supports the strengthening of civil society through a variety of rural economic facilitation, media projects and educational programs. The Council on International Relations hosts public forums to debate the urgent issues of the day.

This annual report is the product of the work of all three of these program areas. The editorial team distills the varying perspectives we hear during the year from the Armenian public, as well as the international community and experts, and combines them with reasoned analysis. The outcome does not adhere to any one ideology or support any one agenda.


V.Oscanian Foundation

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