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23 Dic 2009 - Pilikianís performance of Mozrtís
Listen to Pilikian’s performance of Mozrt’s Cantata (July 1791) here:
Khatchatur Pilikian: IRAQI Opera Singer Celebrates 70th Birthday

Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra (INSO)
Historic documentaion, past e-newsletters and news on the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra (INSO)
To my Italo-Armeno friends

Many thanks for all the communications you sent and are sending with much diligence, as if reminding me with a gentle concern not to forget that I lived with the ltalo-Armeno community for a decade, both in Roma and in Milano (piu di un quarante' anni fa -- 1957-1957..) Bless your generosity. Needless to say, the memento of my Italian 'soggiorno' has never lost its vibrant and enriching human and cultural resonance on my enjoining activities now as a British Armenian...Allow me to thank you with this
Neapolitan Song--Tu ca nun.--wav (29 MB). You can use the following link to download the song (I hope it works)

Recently I was in Athens, invited by the HAYASTAN Social and Cultural Centre, to perform a vocal recital to mark the 140th birth anniversary of our 'Sommo Maestro' Komitas. The attached journal HAYASTAN echoed about the auspicious event.

And last but not the least, to you all and to your families

Warmest Greetings for a
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Let God the Almighty keep us all safe
And help those who forge
The Damoclean sword of Globalisation
Into plowshares for goodness
For all to share the flying happiness.
With all good wishes



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