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Armenian diaspora, targets of Turkey
Paris (Jean Eckian) Yesterday, during a dinner celebrating the Ramadan, in the presence of the Turkish head media, Prime Minister Erdogan said:
" If we do not see concrete measures take in Armenia, it would not know being question of opening border ". Adding " It is also necessary for Armenia to get rid of the influence of the diaspora. The diaspora has any utility. ", he said.

This last sentence justifies the information according to which Turkey would take preventive measures be-saying on the propaganda of the Armenian diaspora. Indeed, we have learned by the Turkish press, that Turkey will create a presidency of the Turks of Outside within the framework of an operation aiming at making pressure against the Armenian diaspora around the world. Several offices will be opened, in particular Germany, in Switzerland, in Holland, in Belgium, in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, France and Luxembourg. Another office will deal with the English countries of language.


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