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Middle Eastern Armenians introduce their food tastes to Armenia
Issue 19 06 June 2009
Syrian restaurant in YerevanWith a welcoming smile, the waitress is handing me the menu with a list of Arabic words written in Armenian, English and Russian letters. These words sound pretty odd in Armenian, however many Armenians already know them very well. "What will you order?" my friend asks me, "perhaps fattoush or mouhammara or baba ghanouj?". "No", I say, "it's falafel day!".

Since the end of 1990s when Arabic food appeared in Armenia first thanks to the repatriated Middle Eastern Armenians, Arabic food names became an inseparable part of the Armenian reality. More
Hovhannes Toumanian in Western Armenian
Matig EblighatianEver since its establishment in 1980 in Aleppo, Cilicia publishing house has brought into Armenian households many old and new titles, some of which were literally saved from oblivion.

One of the recent additions to Cilicia's booklist has been the publication of famous Armenian writer Hovhannes Toumanian's children tales in Western Armenian.

"Unfortunately, we lack quality children's literature. As for modern Armenian authors who write for children, they are almost non-existent," says Matig Eblighatian, the owner of Cilicia publishing house and the moving force behind this and many other projects. More
Be the first... Be a No.1... Be UNO
Harout Solakian
It is a well known fact that all Armenian cultural unions and associations in Diaspora, with their different points of view and diversities, have one thing in common, one aim; to keep the spirit of Armenian culture alive, which is one form of what we call in Armenian Hayabahbanoum.

Therefore when you go to an X Armenian cultural event like a choir concert or a dance performance, 75% of the repertoire includes different Armenian songs and dances while 25% is dedicated to different foreign cultures. More
Free Silva Harotonian
Silva HarotonianOn June 26, 2008, Silva's world was turned upside down when she was detained and later charged with attempting a "soft revolution" to overthrow the government of Iran. On January 19, 2009, after spending Christmas, New Year's Day and her birthday alone in jail, Silva was sentenced to three years in prison.

An appeal is underway. But at the same time, her family is working desperately to tell the world about Silva's story in hopes of adding more voices to their cause. More
Havrez Armenians commemorate Genocide
Havrez Armenians commemorate GenocideFather Massis Shahinian celebrated Holy Mass in Memory of the Armenian victims of the Genocide.

Considerable number of Armenians from Havrez (Avzroog) and other locations in Iraqi Kurdistan, such as Duhok and Zakho gathered to mark together this important event.

Scouts and church choir also took part in the activities. More
The dilemma of the Lebanese Armenians
Elections in Lebanon Since the formation of modern Lebanon, the Armenians in Lebanon were not part of any direct political alliance or coalition. For this reason, they were frequently considered as neutral or without political alignment.

This has not always been as risk-free as it may seem, especially during times of crisis (such as the Civil War), when not having a backup support meant in reality to be targeted by two or more adversaries at the same time.
The upcoming parliamentarian elections in Lebanon (07 June 2009) have created an awkward situation, a kind of dilemma for the Lebanese Armenians. The highly polarized and antagonistic political situation in the country (between the March 8 and March 14 alliances) is dragging also the Armenians into its web. More
Kids meal by Alin Hagopian
Kids Meal
A new survey of adults -- including those with and without children -- shows that childhood obesity is the No. 1 one health concern. The survey was conducted among 2,064 adults. They were given twenty different health concerns and asked to rate which ones were a "big problem."

Here is the top ten list of biggest health concerns for children in 2008. More
The Knock at the Door
The Knock at the DoorInterview with author Margaret Ajemian Ahnert

Margaret Ajemian Ahnert is the daughter of a survivor of the Genocide. She is also an Armenian American journalist and writer, whose latest book on the memoris of her mother Ester Minerajian, "The Knock at the Door" (2007) has created wide media attention.

Ester was about 15 when she and members of her family set out to flee from the only place they knew as home. Eventually, she was the only surviror of a big family. On her way to a safe haven she endured numerous troubles. More
Bethel secondary school in Aleppo receives a special note of merit
Bethel school gateIn April, we remember the Armenian Genocide and our grandparents who suffered deprivation but never gave up. We look at the heritage they passed on to their children: love of the Armenian language, of our homeland, hope and love of God. This was enough for the new generation to continue on the right path, building churches and schools and strengthening the nation with the Armenian spirit.

Today, the Diaspora is an undeniable reality, where we enjoy the privileges of our second homelands, performing our duties and earning our rights. After almost one century, we can feel proud of what we have accomplished in Aleppo, after so many years of perseverance. More
Sharjah: End of school year celebration 2009
Sharjah school celebrationsOn Friday, 08 May 2009, students, parents and friends attended the Ohanessian one-day Armenian School's end of school year celebration. The event began with the UAE and Armenian national anthems.

Students from all grades took part in dancing, poetry reciting, staging and other cultural acts. About 200 people followed the program with great interest. More
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