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28 -05 2009 -
Dear readers,
My apologies for Keghart being inactive since May the 8th. It was primarily due to a technical problem that is partially resolved.
Dikran Abrahamian
D. Abrahamian's Speech at the United Remembrance Day in Toronto -April 26, 2009 Cerca Carica videoFile video
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Minister of Citizenship of Immigration at the Standing Committee
"Dr. Dikran Abrahamian was the guest speaker. After an analysis of the present day circumstances hindering the ongoing efforts of Hay Tad - Armenian Cause - he underlined the importance of expanding its scope beyond recognition of the Genocide of the Armenians by various countries. He proposed to call 24th of April - Day of Demand - in addition to Day of Remembrance."
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Submitted by Jirair Tutunjian on Wed, 2009-04-29 12:37.
I particularly appreciated the part of your speech where you pointed out that the ideological differences among Diaspora Armenian political parties is practically nil, In making that statement you encouraged the audience to ask himself/herself the vital question: "Why can't we become one in odar aperou vrah?"
reply from Canada
Partly True
Submitted by Nareg Nalbandian on Wed, 2009-04-29 13:53.
The overriding goals of almost all Armenian organizations, whether humanitarian, benevolent, professional, cultural or political are the same and can be summed up in the following three points:

1. Support Armenia and Artsakh morally, politically and financially
2. Support the infrastructure for the preservation of our heritage and existence in the Diaspora for as long as we can
3. Support Recognition of G and as Dr. Abrahamian and many others insist "expand the scope" of the Armenian Cause


Hunchaks and Tashnaks have socialist platforms, though the Tashnaks have hardly put their principles into practice specially in the Diaspora, and throughout most of its history their leaders have reneged on that platform by supporting organisations, governments and agencies of those who fought against socialism. Ramgavars have a "bourgeois" outlook in socio-economic matters and they have always been consistent whether in Armenia or the Diaspora, but always supportive of Armenia irrespective of its ideology or regime.


Matters of socio-economic class issues have hardly been at stake in the Diaspora, except here and there and only in very limited supportive way in some countries - France, Lebanon-Syria, Iran, etc. Even then the overriding goals enumerated above have been the glue binding them all on an unconscious level, despite their infightings, which accentuated after 1956 and during the Cold War Era.

The Cold war has gone, the Berlin wall is demolished, but two walls remain : Turkey - Armenia, and Tashnak - Nontashnak.
Hopefully following the opening of borders between Armenia and Turkey there will be time to contemplate to eventually demolish, by hook or by crook, the last remaining vestige of the cold war: The Tashnak - Non Tashnak Divide.

To my understanding the non-Tashnaks have always been willing, but that goodwill has been interpreted by the opposing party as sign of weakness, or probably some thinking that such a step would be the demise of Tashnak perceived hegemony.

So be it, what's wrong with that if the main overriding goals will benefit from it. Are organizational interests more important than national goals?

reply from Canada
Influence of the Church
Submitted by FBP on Wed, 2009-04-29 14:14.
I agree with all your comments above. I do however think that you have overlooked the influence of the TWO churches in the diaspora. The TWO churches have also been divisive (to say the least) and one cannot therefore assign all the blame to our political parties.
Dr. Abrahamian seems to have rather tactfully dodged that issue during his speech :)

reply from Canada
Re: Your Speech above
Submitted by Marina BOULBOULIAN on Wed, 2009-04-29 07:17.
Dear Dr. Abrahamian, May be it is because of my own background & the facts of our socio-political history - so much debated at home that I fully agree with you.

Thank you for your courage. I believe that yes we must be very vigillant & less simple-minded. Maybe we should listen to the song "Je suis une tombe" (on this site). I'm afraid that history will be very harsh with our NATION - SHALL WE MISS THE BOAT, make the WRONG TURN & COMPROMISE & ACCEPT THE UNACCEPTABLE - there might be NO RETURN, and we will stay 'A TOMBE'. Art, Music, Culture, our Faith, Language and Writings, our Intellectuals and our Heroes together with our Compassion for Our National Identity have been, are and will be THE ONLY VIABLE PILLARS FOR THE RECONSTRUCTION, SURVIVAL and CONTINUITY OF OUR NATION. My suggestion is to POST yr speech on various Local, National & International (both Armenian & General Media-enclouding the Internet). SO THAT IT IMPACTS THE PUBLIC OPINION WHICH ADVANCES OUR CAUSE. Some ideas for Europe will;; (France);UGAB;; ('m sure that you're aware of the North-American sites. At last we must adhere to the 'COMMON DENOMINATOR THAT UNITES US'.

Thank you once more for your pathriotic efforts. Kindest Regards, Marina BOULBOULIAN

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