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TIME MAGAZINE PROMOTES TURKISH DVDYEREVAN (YERKIR) - In the June 6, 2005 issue of the Time magazine, a DVD of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce - attached to a number of advertisement pages for Turkey - contained blatant misrepresentation of the Armenian Genocide, Armenpress reported. No genocide has happened, there were simply deportations during which the Armenians were paid allowance, and they were even fed better than the Turkish soldiers accompanying them, according to the DVD, which calls Talat Pasha a national hero. The DVD also claims that Armenians have massacred the Turks and now kill Azeris. Armenians have also fought in Hitler's army and have terrorized Turkish diplomats. The creators of the film point to the mass graves of Turks killed by Armenians. An email circulated by one of our subscribers to friends read. "I was shocked to come upon a documentary on this same DVD entitled "Sari Gelin" translated into "The True Story", which is a documentary of a little over one hour simply denying the Armenian Genocide and portraying the Armenians as terrorists, can imagine the picture. But what shocks me more is that Time Magazine would actually distribute such a DVD, and as a result contribute to an Anti-Armenian campaign. I urge you all to please inform as many people as possible and to write to Time Magazine at . We cannot let this by as if it´s nothing. I am definitely stopping my subscription to the magazine." Tens of readers of Gibrahayer e-magazine called and emailed me regarding the above. Some subscribers of TIME received the DVD at home and informed us that it is a compilation of anti-Armenian propaganda, topped with Genocide denial. Turkish media reported that 434,000 subscribers in Europe received the DVD for free together with the latest edition of TIME. Armenians probably do not have the millions of dollars that the Turkish denialists possess to literally buy history. However, I am sure we can do our best in condemning this action by writing to The Editor of TIME at , asking for a public apology and terminating our subscriptions. Gibrahayer awaits copies of your emails to the Editor of TIME which will be posted in our next issues.Finally we post the following email that we received from a dear subscriber who writes:Parev Simon,TIME magazine has issued in its June 6, 2005 edition, a special DVD mostly dedicated to the denial of the Armenian Genocide.To protest this involvement of the magazine in distorting historical facts send an e-mail to TIME magazine by clicking this link: or/and by forwarding your comments to Please post this on your newsletter.Regards' - Harout Ekmanian - Alep, Syrie
GIBRAHAYER E-MAGAZINE ANNOUNCEMENTDue to technical problems on the server of our e-magazine, we were unable to dispatch last week's issue. Some of you will also receive this issue a little late. Normal dispatches of Gibrahayer e-magazine will resume and continue every Wednesday, as of next week.
TURKEY STILL REFUSES TO CONFRONT ITS PASTBy Fatma Muge Gocek - Associate professor of sociology at the University of Michigan. An organizer of the canceled Turkish-Armenia conference.Last week was supposed to mark the opening of an unprecedented Turkish conference on the issues surrounding the killing of Armenians during the First World War. Organized at Istanbul's Bosporus University, the three-day event was intended to provide a platform to academics to question Turkey's official view of the 1915 killings. It also would have showcased a new open approach by Turkish authorities, eager to show the kind of freedom of expression that the European Union expects of prospective members. The conference never took place. In the days leading up to the event, pressure was put on organizers to include scholars who would defend Turkey's official state view -- which denies that the killings were genocide and rejects estimates that 1.5 million Armenians were massacred. The more the university organizers resisted any such intervention, the more the pressure mounted, with the conference ultimately being described as "detrimental to the interests of the Turkish state and nation." "a stab in the back of the Turkish people." Turkish Justice Minister Cemil Cicek condemned the gathering as "treason" and "a stab in the back of the Turkish people." University officials had little choice but to "postpone" the event. It is apparent that the government feels threatened by the significant segment of the Turkish population who are increasingly determined to face the long-standing issue of the Armenian question in a way that counters the official Turkish thesis. This official view is predicated on a Turkish nationalism that perceives all existing interpretations of the Armenian issue as either for, or against, the interests of Turkey. Because the conference participants did not sanction the official thesis, the Turkish government characterized the participants as rabble-rousers. The Turkish state is unable to come to terms with its past because its national identity is predicated upon the rejection of that particular past. Advocating the nationalist ideology that the contemporary Turkish state was built upon the ashes of the Ottoman Empire through the War of Independence fought between 1919-1922, the Turkish state has always argued that the nation had to look forward and not back into its past, especially not into the period before 1919 that is considered to be the birth year of the Turkish nation. The alphabet reform in 1928, when the official script was changed from Arabic to the Latin script, further alienated the Turks from their own history. Given the dearth of historical knowledge, Turkish society could not help but accept the official thesis on the Armenian issue as historical reality."last attempt to salvage the dominance of the Turkish official state thesis" With more scholars delving into that past to generate their own interpretations, the state thesis began to lose ground. The state efforts to cancel the Istanbul conference comprise what I hope is the last attempt to salvage the dominance of the Turkish official state thesis. Turkey's possible membership in the European Union is an underlying reason why debate of the Armenian issue is becoming increasingly prominent. The EU advocates the recognition and protection of the rights of all minorities. Among such minorities that currently exist in Turkey, the tragedy that befell the Armenians before, during and after 1915, is the most dramatic, and the one that needs to be most addressed and recognized by Turkish society and the state. Such recognition necessitates an awareness of minority rights and a public commitment to protect them. Yet, such a recognition would undermine the Turkish state's control over the public sphere. The unwillingness of the Turkish state in general, and the military and the political parties in particular, to relinquish that control over society has generated this crisis. This state unwillingness translates into a nationalist stand that portrays European standards of human rights as inherently destructive and debilitating. All advocates of such rights within Turkish society likewise end up branded as subversive elements in service of either Europe or the United States or both. The chances of Turkey joining the European Union are diminished without a state commitment to protect the rights of its citizens. In the meanwhile, however, recent developments in Turkish society such as the liberalization of the economy and the privatization of mass communication have generated an increasingly conscious and vocal public sphere that is willing to take issue with the current nationalist stand of the state. If the current government utilizes its enhanced communication with Turkish society -- if it forms, in particular, alliances with the liberal academics and public intellectuals to develop a new democratic, multicultural vision for Turkey -- then the Turkish state could overcome this quagmire.
TATIANA'S CORNERThis corner is reserved for local artist Tatiana Ferahian's comic strips which are amalgamations of Armenian-Cypriot social commentaries, painted with her usual wry and ironic humour, to stimulate and encourage awareness and interest toward our community's everyday happenings." ... When examining the whole history of the Ottoman centuries one can observe in every period the just, tender and tolerant administration of the Ottomans.The Turks have always been equal, fair, just and tender against the peoples and minorities under their patronage; have been protective and have not been applying colonization policies.Wherever Turks have gone they have rescued people and have provided justice, established civilizations and brought freedom. The Turkish archives are the living evidence of this.... "
YOUR EMAILSDear Simon,I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our events via your newsletter over the past year. I take great pleasure in reading the articles, and if anything, they are extremely educational and keep me updated with Armenian news from around the globe. The work you do is tremendous, keep it up.Best regards,John Ara Banian - Homenetmen Youth Events (H.Y.E)- London Dear Simon,It has been a while that I want to write to you to to let you know that I very much enjoy receiving your newsletter.Single handed you are doing a gigantic work to inform not only the "GIBRAHAYS" but a big chunk of the Diaspora Armenians as well.Would it be possible to insert the Hamazkayin Forum 2005 Flyer at Many Thanks,Sella Tenjoukian Hallo Simon, I am a first time writer and I would like to tell you how much my husband and I enjoy the Armenian news about Cyprus since it is our birthplace. We have been away for a very long time first going to Armenia and then coming to the USA. Once in a while we do visit though. We like to look at the pictures and try to guess who the people in them are. But as we have been away for so long we have to read the captions since we do know some of them, Georges Der Partogh being one of them. By the way, my husband was taught music at the Ouzounian-Melikian school by your grandfather. Keep up the good work. Shad abris!!!!!!! Best wishes Haroutune and Maxy Kazandjian ( Daisy Mosditchian) Sireli Simon,Shenorhagal em vor anenthad gougharges gibrahay e-magazine..Gouzei haidnel vor yes al antsnabes masnagits tartsa Arakadzi shourch miasnutian Shourchbarin..Sagain tejpakhdapar ait kaghapare giragananar yete goghmangi kaghaparagan terosh(ner) chellain...I medi ounim tashnagtsoutian teroshage..yev an al aveli partser kan haigagan mer azkain teroshe.Yes ais i tem Hai Heghapokhagan Tashnagtsutian tem che vor gardahaidevim..ail yerp Miasnoutian shourchbar gessen ouremen miasnutun YERAKOUINI nerko yev voch gousagtsagan..Togh miasnutune iragan kedni vera kordzatervi..Yes tashnagtsagan kaghapari chem hedevir..sagain isgagan miasnutian chadakov..kezi gernam badgerner oughargel te inch khantavarutiamp joghovourte barets sagain yev shader housahadvetsan ...Hamenain tebes..Houisov em vor Miasnutune mi or isgabes giraganana..Kezi amenain parik kordzit yev arakeloutian mech..Togh gibrahai etche aveliov daradzvi...Kez amenain hachoghutun..Avedis Diban - Yerevan-Hayasdan Dear Simon and staff at Gibrahayer,I have been enjoying your e-zine and am not sure who gave you my name but I think it might be Susan and Levon Chilingirian who have been great at helping me to acclimate to London Armenian life after moving here from LA. I have felt a little out of the loop but reading Gibrahayer has made me re-connect to my very strong feelings about being Armenian in a very crazy world! Could you please send me the edition with the translated article by the Turkish writer named Altan? I think that was his name. I tried forwarding to friends in LA and it was the Turkish version. Also the article written by Elie Safak, I can not get into the Turkish Daily site to download. Something is wrong. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work you are doing.Gigi Duanians Young Dear Simon, I wanted to convey my thanks and gratitude for your Gibrahayer newsletter, especially the latest few additions which have including photo images of various events (Genocide memorial, Balakian, Bedelian, etc). For your overseas audience these photos, using, have enhanced the content enormously. If you would allow a friend to make another suggestion which has the potential to take Gibrahayer a further leap forward; is namely to create a discussion Forum. This Forum would reside inside your website and could also be accessed via your newsletter using a user ID and Password. You would be the Moderator to police the content and present sort of a summary or digest of the discussion matter in your regular newsletter, this way you'll be gauging the concerns and ideas of your subscribers. Examples of discussion topics in the Forum could be: Book-review, Armenian Cypriot community matters, Armenian Genocide, Closure of Melkonian, Cyprus problem, Cyprus and the EU, etc. Currently I am reading Peter Balakian's book The Burning Tigris for instance or Orhan Pamuk's Snow, so I could join the virtual Book-review discussion Forum and make my opinions felt. Other's then would reply and a discussion will ensue. It will not be a chat room, because people have busy lifestyles and would contribute only if and when they want to. A email notice could be sent to all the people who've ticked to join the Book-review that a new reply has been posted. Anyhow, I know I have been bold enough to make this suggestion, but I also know you have personal and business commitments, just like everybody else, and your time is precious. The cost incurred to set this Forum software up can perhaps be recouped by asking the participants to make a contribution before their Password is activated. Here I am gabbing away, and for all I know you probably have though of all this already yourself many times before! Best of regards - Ben Tamizian Dear Ben,Thank you for your kind words.Nazaret Armenagian - the webmaster of has been kind enough to open a Gibrahayer forum in the time being it will be a general Gibrahayer forum, where registered users can open/reply to topics.Let us take it from here.Simon Aynedjian Dear Simon,I received your automatic e.mail, also through my previous source received your last edition where you had answered my questions, I appreciate your response to my letter very much and thank you. Could you please tell me what are the conditions of subscribing i.e payments & etc. If so how and how much. I would like you to know that I live in Germany where we Armenians are dispersed in such a way that it is not impossible but close to it to bring a large number of us together. The communities are small in number and involved in everyday life to the extent that only on Sundays people come together for a few hours in a hall or some such in order to thrive and hang on to their fading identity and some of them drive for one to one and half hour to get there. But we are heirs to those who taught alphabet to their children by writing it on the sand while death and torture followed them like their shaddow... Would your news letter be interested in articles about our activities or not.I did not see Elif's personal e.mail address although I searched the page, could you please forward it to me once more.Dear Artooshan,A quick reply. Gibrahayer is FREE. There are no subscription or any other fees. I also refuse any kind of donations. If you have money to spend, I suggest you use it in effort's in organising the community in Germany, or sending it to an Armenian charity organisation, that in your value judgement is transparent enough.I will post everything you send me about Germany and will send Eilf's Shafak's email address to you tomorrowAll the best - Simon Aynedjian Hi Simon, I have been forwarding Gibrahayer to various contacts.Any way you can give our reunion a mention on your next dispatch ??Xpats of the 60s are uniting at the Hilton Nicosia on Sept 15 at 7 pm. Hope you're fit and well, regards to HA keep practising!!!Dick From Court in Cyprus imposes injunction against AGBU: Initial reports from Cyprus indicate that the Alumni backed action against the AGBU regarding the proposed closure of Melkonian has been successful with the courts in Nicosia having granted the plaintiffs an injunction against the AGBU. Exact details of the injunction will be posted as soon as we have them.
•Seven Members and six high-altitude porters (Sherpas) from the 7 Summits Club expedition successful climbed the summit of Mount Everest. Karo Ovasapian ...•British Petroleum is developing what it says is a state-of-the-art, nearly pollution-free oilfield that will connect to the controversial but almost complete 1,762km Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline, which stretches from Azerbaijan to Turkey. Last week the oil finally started to flow through the pipe towards the Mediterranean where it will then travel by tanker to the UK to be refined and keep Britain's cars and aeroplanes running... more at the Guardian article at:,,1496006,00.html•Sergey Khatchadryan won the first prize of the Queen Elizabeth International Violin Competition in Brussels. •Six Armenian pilots arrested in early 2004 on charges of involvement in an international conspiracy to topple the President of Equatorial Guinea were pardoned last Sunday•Turkish media has reported that the Belgium Senate Justice Commission has withdrawn a bill proposing fines and jail terms for people who deny the Armenian genocide.•The executive committee of the Stepan Shahoumian Movement of Cyprus and the Social Democrat Henchakian Party (SDHP) of Cyprus, met on Monday 30/05/2005 at the latter's premises. During the meeting, the sides exchanged views on the Armenian community's problems and inter party cooperation on various issues. The meeting was held in a friendly and sincere atmosphere. The sides have decided to meet on regular basis and take up social, cultural and political problems facing the Armenian Community.•The EU & Turkish-Armenian Relations - A Catalyst for Change? by Amanda Akcakoca Introduction: Although Turkey and Armenia have a troubled relationship they share a common goal - EU integration... more at:
SPORTS NEWS AND CALENDAR•Armenia reached the finals of an international tournament for the first time in devastating fashion as four goals from Edgar Manucharyan earned a 5-1 success against Elite round Group 4 hosts and a place in the UEFA European Under-19 Championship final round in Northern Ireland. More at:•( Simon Aynedjian won the International Tennis Federation's European Seniors Singles Championship by BNP Paribas that was held in Athens from June 1-13, 2005. Aynedjian defeated the Greek champion Nicos Syriopoulos in the first round and had a convincing run to the quarter- finals where he beat Andreas Bogas, 6-1, 6-0. He defeated the Egyptian champion 6-0 2-0 (ret. through injury) and won the finals against Darko Sziricij of Serbia 7-5, 6-4 after facing set point at 4-5, 30-40.Haig Ashdjian was rushed to hospital in an ambulance after tearing a ligament in the semi finals of the +50 event, while he was up 6-0, 1-0. He was operated in Larnaca on Monday and will be out of action until the end of the year.Images of the event at:•Two goals in each half from Goran Pandev helped F.Y.R. Macedonia to win away in Armenia in FIFA World Cup qualifying Group 1. Media agencies last week reported that Turkish authorities refused to grant an air corridor on Thursday night for a plane carrying Macedonian national soccer team to Yerevan for a 2006 World Cup qualifying match against Armenia scheduled for June 4.

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•Graduation Ceremony of Nareg Schools on Wednesday 15 June 2005 at 6:30 pm at the Nareg School Amphitheatre. 21 students are graduating this year.•The Armenian Club of Larnaca invites you to two events being held over Kataklysmos weekend: Lecture by Dr.Razmig Azezian of Lebanon. Specialist in various forms of Chinese medicine & therapy: Friday 17th June atb 8:00 pm in the open-air garden of The Armenian Club of Larnaca. Also on Sunday June 19 at 8:00 pm, Enjoy Delicious Food & Good Company for only £4 per person. (drinks not included) Children £2. For reservations please contact:Avedis Avedissian 99-445784, Vartoug Karageulian 99-880226.•Armenian Night at The Marathon Beach Hotel in Limassol on Saturday June 25, 2005. Armenian live music, dance and traditional Armenian cuisine at only 10.00 CYP. For reservations please call 25 320122.•School's OUT under 18s party: Meet other Armenians from all over London. when: Saturday 25th June 2005, where: The Navasartian Centre, time: 8pm to 1am, tix: £6 more info: Narbeh 07711 279 965 , OVER 18? STAY AT HOME!•STUDENTS CULTURAL FORUM July 21 – August 3 in Yerevan, Armenia Interested in taking part in a culturally, intellectually, and socially stimulating program especially tailored for Armenian university students? If so, come and discover the various facets of our rich Armenian culture and heritage offered by The HAMAZKAYIN STUDENTS CULTURAL FORUM For more information and application forms please contact:USA East Coast: Sevag Shirzoyan , USA West Coast: Shoushig Arslanian Shoarslan@aol.comCANADA Lalai Manjikian, , EUROPE Sella Tenjoukian (London) stenjouk@aol.comHourig Baghdassarian (Paris) , MIDDLE EAST Arin Kalousdian (Lebanon) Tamar Shahbazian (Yerevan Office) , Arto Tavitian (Cyprus) •AKTI: Coasts Without Frontiers, Age group:18-25. Dates/Duration: August 20-27. Location: Polis Chrysochous camp site. Contact: Kyriaki Demetriou; Tel: 22 45848548454; Email: A multicultural environmental youth camp will bring together 30 Cypriot youth between 18 and 25 years old, from Greek-Cypriot, Turkish-Cypriot, Maronite and Armenian communities of Cyprus. The project will focus on coastal areas of Cyprus, both at the north and the south, aiming at the protection and preservation of the Cyprus coastal ecosystem by promoting knowledge-based society. The camp will take place for a week in August and will feature environmental workshops, facilitated discussions, field visits to the coast, clean-up activities and a final poster production.•Armenian musical duo of Jean Davidian and Marie Louise Kouyoumdjian perform at the Palm Beach Hotel in Larnaca every Saturday.•AYMA/HMEM Chicco Football practices take place every Friday from 7:00 - 8:30 pm for children starting from the age of 7. Contact Krikor Mahdessian on 99650897.•Armenian Radio Hour on The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation via real audio on . Broadcast 17:00-18:00 local Cyprus time (14:00-15:00 GMT). Armenian news every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.•The Armenian Prelature announces that the next permit for the Armenian Cemetery visitation at Ayios Dhometios on the Green line, is on Sunday June 12 & Sunday June 26.•Every Wednesday from 7-8 pm (Cyprus time + 2 GMT) on CyBC's Trito, Puzant Nadjarian presents the "History of the Blues". Internet edition on
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