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29 04 2009 - Remembrance Day in Memory of the Martyrs
D. Abrahamian's Speech at the Remembrance Day (Video in Armenian)
"Dr. Dikran Abrahamian was the guest speaker. After an analysis of the present day circumstances hindering the ongoing efforts of Hay Tad - Armenian Cause - he underlined the importance of expanding its scope beyond recognition of the Genocide of the Armenians by various countries. He proposed to call 24th of April - Day of Demand - in addition to Day of Remembrance."

Remembrance Day in Memory of the Martyrs (Includes video clips of Ms. Melissa Bhagat's speech & Nairi Choir)
By Reporter, 26 April 2009
On Saturday, 25th of April, a ceremonial assembly gathered at Magaros Artinian Hall of the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church. The highlight of the day was the presence of Ms. Melissa Bhagat, a senior regional advisor for Minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism. Her brief, but singularly potent speech was punctuated with spontaneous applauses and expressions of gratitude. She presented The Right Honourable Stephen Harper's statement and Honourable Jason Kenney's letter addressed to the Armenian community.

Et Tu Obama? Letter from a Former Admirer
By Harut Sassounian, Publisher, The California Courier, 29 April 2009
Mr. President, how could you! Your candidacy was a breath of fresh air. You stood for change. You made wonderful promises and the Armenian-American
community put its trust in you.

The Liar Must Be Punished!
By Avedis Kevorkian, Philadelphia, PA USA, 25 April 2009
Once again, America has a Liar in the White House.

Aris Babikian on TVO - An interview about the Genocide, 24 April 2009

Obama's Offering (A poem)
By Alan Whitehorn, Kingston, Ontario, April 2009

We Condemn the Turkish-Armenian Agreement
"We, the undersigned, strongly condemn the agreement reached between Turkey and Armenia on the eve of the 94th Anniversary of the Genocide of the Armenians. Carried with haste and absolute absence of transparency, it raises grave concerns. As it stands, it serves only the interests of the authorities in Armenia. They shamelessly caved in to foreign pressures and interests, thus compromising Armenia's security and the aspirations of all Armenians."
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D. Abrahamian's

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