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09 12 2008 - Zardakolu now is pisoner, has ned to be halped!
Zardakolu now is pisoner, has ned to be halped -
(in Armenian Language= Zarakolu-i hradaragitche pandargadz en.
Khntrem ays ays loure tser shourtche daradzetsek iren oknoutian hamar.)
Dear Hilda,<BR>
Thank you for the mail.
Bad news. Our technical editor, Mehmet Ali Var&#305;s convicted in absentia. And because of changing of the address he could not learn it and lost the time to go Appeal Court. A new trick. He was ecquitted before. But Appeal Court did not accepted and sent the file back. And the trial finished in absentia.

He was the editor of the review Uzun Yuruyus (Long March). He published my articals several times, like "Deep Roots of the Armenian Genocide".

We were working with him on important works, like a collection of german documents and the documents of Der Zor and Dadrian's book on turkish denialism.

I will use the fees for him. We want to save him, by paying 20 000 YTL (10 000 Euro) before the new year. Next week I want to begin a campaign. I wish he could be together with his family.

Good News: Pencere Publishing published a book on last 15 years of Turkish-Armenian Dialog, this is a collection of the articals, interviews and speaches. Some of them are mine. I shows the dialog between the peoples are more effective than so called dialog between the states.

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