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AZG Armenian Daily .
The Italian journalist-writer Alberto Rosselli, author of « Olocausto armeno » (The Armenian holocaust) is death threat, announces the Italian press. And in Belgium, Doğan Özgüden, journalist and founder of news agency "Info-Türk", is threatened of lynching by ultra nationalist Turkish press, but also by the embassy and Turkish press in Belgium.

Concerning the writer Alberto Rosselli, the death threats began a few months after the publication of its book in 2007. They continued until on October 26, 2008. Police detected that the phone calls were based from abroad, as well as the mails. The authors of the threats know perfectly the practices of Rosselli and his wife. And even the name of their dog.

The affair of Mr. Doğan Özgüden began after itself denounced, November 11, 2008, in an official statement, the defamatory and scandalous remarks of the Turkish Minister of defense, Vecdi Gonul. Which, during a speech made in honor of anniversary's died of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Turkish embassy (Brussels), said: « The decision to deported the Greeks and Armenians at the beginning of the last century allowed the unification of Turkish people. » He affirmed that the creation of a Turkish nation would have been possible thanks to this policy ordered by Atatürk.

Defender of the Armenian cause, Doğan Özgüden fled Turkey on 1971, after the revolution. He deposited an official complaint for threats on his person.

By Jean Eckian

Alberto Rosselli

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