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An EU Framework Decision adopted yesterday will ban denial in Europe
The European Armenian Federation invites all the organisations working against genocide denial – associations of genocide victims’ descendants, associations of Human Rights and associations fighting against racism, xenophobia and denial – to a workshop that will be held in Brussels, at the beginning of 2009. This meeting will aim to prepare the implementation of the EU Framework Decision against Racism and Xenophobia in the laws of the EU member States. Experts of the European Commission and political leaders of the European Parliament will also take part to the meeting.

The Framework Decision against Racism and Xenophobia gives a legislative framework to harmonise the penal laws of the member States in the area of racism and xenophobia with a special focus on genocide denial. A political agreement has been reached about this Decision and it was formally adopted this Friday 27 November by the European Council.

However, the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, France and Poland stated some restrictive remarks.

From now on, the member States have to transpose this Framework Decision in the national laws in a two years period. There is no mandatory specification on the way with which they will have to implement the Decision but they are bound to provide an effective compliance to its provision: an individual who would be targeted by a penal decision which would not comply to the Framework Decision could then file a case in the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

Actually, when genocide deniers from foreign States are threatening European citizens, it is crucial that the relevant organisations mobilise to ensure that in each Member State an appropriate implementation of the Framework Decision is made.

The European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy has continuously worked with legal experts from the European institutions to ensure the wording of this Framework Decision will effectively penalise the genocides deniers.

The European Armenian Federation will communicate further details about the workshop it will organise in Brussels.

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