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10 09 2008 - Social Cleavages and Divides in Armenia
Alan Whitehorn is professor of Political Sciences at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. He is also a political commentator and poet.
He has published over 100 academic and journalistic articles, including a number of entries in The Canadian Encyclopedia.
Professor Whitehorn’s grandmother was an orphan of the 1915 genocide.
Below is a partial list of works that belong to his pen:
The Armenian Genocide: Resisting the Inertia of Indifference;
Ancestral Voices: Identity, Ethnic Roots and a Genocide Remembered;
Canadian Socialism: Essays on the CCF-NDP;
Political Activists: The NDP in Convention;
Party Politics in Canada; and
Poems: Political and Philosophical.

At the public roundtable discussion dedicated to Policy Directions in Post-Election Armenia, 20 June 2008, Montreal, Prof. Whitehorn spoke on some overarching themes, frameworks and questions that touch on some of the items listed below:

*Genocide, Post-genocide, confronting genocide denial and closed borders
*The Modernization Revolution in Armenia
*Social Cleavages and Divides in Armenia
*From A One Party to a Multi-party State: The Bumpy Road
*Armenian Priorities: Society and Diaspora
*The Future Direction of Armenia

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Armenia: Some Themes on An Existential Journey

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