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05 09 2008 - International Conference Dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of Johannes Lepsius
September 5, 2008 -Yerevan, September 8
The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute organizes international conference on September 8, 2008 dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the German missionary Johannes Lepsius (1858-1926).
Johannes Lepsius was the long-life friend and supporter of the Armenian nation. After the massive Armenian massacres (1894-1896) he permanently did his best to prevent new ones and to help the survivors of the Armenian Genocide.
He founded hospitals, orphanages, schools and manufactures for the survivors and refugees of the genocide.
In 1912-1914 Lepsius took part in working out of the Armenian reforms. In 1919 he published “Germany and Armenia 1914-1918” (Deutschland und Armenien 1914-1918), the collection of German diplomatic documents regarding the Armenian Cause and the Armenian Genocide.
At the conference dedicated to the German missionary Babken Harutyunyan (YSU), Ashot Hayruni (YSU), Artem Ohanjanyan (Vienna), Rubina Peroomian (University of California, USA), Andreas Bauman (Christianity Hilfsbund in Orient, Germany), Tilman Allert (Germany), Manfred Ashke (Germany) will make speeches.

Date: September 8, 2008
Place: Hall of Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of RA
Time: 10:00

Arevik Avetisyan

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