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21 08 2008 - A Probiotic Gem Cultured with a Probiotic Jewel... KEFIR GRAINS !
This page is best viewed with eyes relaxed and well focused on the topic. Your monitor set to 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher. Recall to have good posture, while breathing in a relaxed mode for optimal absorption. And Kefirgrainhopper, the colour green enhances potential for better absorption and retention of new knowledge. However, for optimal recall of retained knowledge, drink your yummy kefir each day :)

This extensive web page in biblical proportion, is one among many self-published works dedicated to the culture-art of sharing knowledge. If you are interested in how to make kefir, kefir cheese, kefirkraut or your interest lies in other kefir related topics such as FAQs, please scroll down to the end of any of my web pages to the Links to My Other Webpages to locate a topic that interests you.
The wealth of information shared here WITH you, is about my current understanding of the benefits, mysteries and secrets of milk-kefir and water kefir. Much time, pixel space and energy has been dedicated with the intention to help explain, debate and clarify the many misconceptions about traditional kefir. Where kefir stands today, we look to history in an attempt to gain some better understanding of the benefits of the culture-art of kefir as a whole. This has excited me to expand on the practical use of both kefir grains and kefir, even to the extent of implementing these culture-products therapeutically with research and or anecdotal evidence to make such claims stand to reason.
The tremendous amount of positive feedback I receive and have done over the years in relation to the above, and from all corners of the globe, should provide enough ground for the folks of science to embrace the many possibilities that kefir grains, as the natural starter stands, to insite further interest or to carry on further in this area. It appears scientists are in a lag phase compared to what the everyday lay-person is finding in regards to the many benefits that kefir is providing those many individuals worldwide, and from all corners of life.
Here abides information regarding a large collection of unique and interesting kefir-related topics and products; the majority of which were pioneered by yours truly. These achievements are the fruits born from numerous hours of dedication, working with an outstanding self-organizing micro<^>macro-[small within the larger picture/large within the smaller picture]-system -- Kefir Grains; the natural mother-culture of milk-cultures that stands in a unique class on its own.
I see kefir grains as Probiotic-Jewels... and their culture-product kefir as a Probiotic-Gem and being for good reason.
Before the realisation of kefir in my life in late 1978, I had already realized the respect and admiration I felt, for human-cultures of yesteryear regarding the accumulation of knowledge presented to us to this day, in the practical art of natural food-preservation. Much know-how has been passed on to me through my parents including other members of our extended family well familiarized in a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. The evolution of such culture-arts has with little doubt, improved quality of many lives. To place in mind that this is achievable by harnessing the many goodies generously provided in abundance, by what may appear to be the most simplest of life forms--- the single-celled organism. However, fine culture-arts as these also need preservation; otherwise they may be forever lost, forgotten or overlooked. So here we stand, preserving the arts which preserve our food to better preserve and provide good, sound, wise nutrition for a better sense of well-being, aiming well into the future.
In the interest of self-sufficiency or self-help, the extent of this web site is an invaluable resource for information; an ongoing work in fact. Those with an interest in natural food science should find this work of great value, especially for inspiration [but let thi omit plagiarism]. I wish to call upon those with a seeking, curious nature, to carefully view my work, to refresh or hopefully excite the imagination. To the interested reader, it is wise to take your time reading the information provided here-- and remember, what is freely offered is not just to increase knowledge, it is also presented here for your enjoyment. In any case, what value is there in keeping self-acclaimed know-how, to one's own self? Hmm??!
< Here's a cheeky cheerier iridescent-yellow kefir-mustache-grin, just 4-U >
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