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10 08 2008 - Long Live Armenia- The 4500'th Anniversary of Hayk's Victory Over Bell.
Dear Friends,
We wish to congratulate all Armenians worldwide on the occasion of The 4500'th Anniversary of Hayk's Victory over Bell at Hayots Dzor Battle.

Please read the attached articles on significance of Hayk's victory, read the ancient Armenian " Birth of Vahagn" poem, debut premier of a song on " Birth of Vahagn" and see the poster depicting the birth of Vahagn.These subjects were provided to us by "Ararat Center For Strategic Research".

On August 11'th, 2008, we wish you all to be a part of this great nation's history. Congratulations!
Long Live Armenia.
Truly Yours,
" The Ararat Foundation"
Armenian-Hayk's Victory 4500 years ago
English-Hayk's Victory 4500 years ago
Russian-Hayk's Victory 4500 years ago
August 9, 2008
Dear compatriots!

The year 2008 marks the 4,500th anniversary of the Armenian Patriarch Hayk's victory against Bel, at the Hayots Dzor battle.

According to the calendar calculation by Levond Alishan, prominent armenologist, the day of the battle falls on the 1st day of the month of Navasard in the Armenian calendar, i.e., August the 11th. Hayk's victory put the process of Armenia's state-formation and development on a firm basis.

ARARAT Center for Strategic Research congratulates all Armenians worldwide on this glorious occasion and wishes that our collective will-power be as firm and steadfast as Hayk's arm. Commemorating our state-crafting victory, we believe that the Armenians will honorably meet the present challenges facing Armenia as well and build, step by step, our brighter future - irreversibly strong and united!

On the occasion of this anniversary ARARAT Center presents on its website:
• An article on the significance of Hayk's victory and the calendar calculation of this historic event by Edward L. Danielyan, Dr.-Prof. of History;
• The ancient Armenian "Birth of Vahagn" poem preserved by Movses Khorenatsi as well as its translations into Russian and English;
• The debut premier of a song by Mrs. Ruzan Sahakyan based on the "Birth of Vahagn" poem;
• A poster depicting the birth of Vahagn, God of War in Armenian mythology.

ARARAT Center For Strategic Research
Yerevan, August 9, 2008

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Vahe V.

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