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PETER BALAKIAN IN CYPRUSPeter Balakian knows the history of Cyprus, but he hasn't metits people yet. He says that "for a small country they sure make a lot of noise." Wednesday May 11, 2005 - Nicosia (Gibrahayer) Peter Balakian, author of the New York Times best-seller The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America’s Response, makes a lot of noise too-for a scholar, poet, and memoirist, that is. He wrote this breakthrough book on the Armenian Genocide because he believes that “writing and speaking about it is a fundamental act of moral decency and civility . . . and genocide done with impunity sends a disastrous message.” Go to his lecture, “The Armenian Genocide and the Humanitarian Response,” on Friday, May 20th at 8:00 pm at the Armenian Prelature’s Vahram Utudjian Hall on Armenia Street in Nicosia, and hear what he has to say. It is free and open to the public. There will be an open discussion afterward when you can ask him any questions you like, or tell him what you thought about his talk or his book. And stay for the reception, when you can have him sign a book for you. (His books will be available for purchase at the event, or at any time, through Nicosia’s Moufflon Bookstore.) The Burning Tigris has been praised by such scholars as Sir Martin Gilbert, who said: “Peter Balakian has done a great service to the history of the Armenians,” and by major newspapers such as the New York Times, which wrote: “Balakian forcefully reminds us that almost a century after the Armenian Genocide the international community has yet to find a means of implementing international law.” Peter Balakian was prompted to write his breakthrough work on the Armenian Genocide after he completed his internationally-acclaimed 1996 memoir, Black Dog of Fate-a richly-textured, often painful coming-of-age story of a boy growing up as an American in a typical New Jersey suburb, and later learning of his family’s terrible suffering during the Armenian Genocide. His frustration that the Armenian tragedy which had spawned America’s international human rights movement had disappeared into the black hole of memory twenty years later compelled him to try to restore the genocide of the Armenian people to its rightful place in history. The remarkable success of The Burning Tigris-which appeared on the best-seller lists of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, introduced the story of the 20th century’s first genocide to great numbers of people who learned that Adolph Hitler had once said to a group of his generals, “Who today, after all, speaks of the annihilation of the Armenians?” But, as Balakian has said, even though it clearly inspired the Holocaust, “The Turkish government’s continued denial of the Armenian Genocide remains a scandal in the annals of history.” In addition to The Burning Tigris and Black Dog of Fate (also available in Armenian and Greek) Balakian has authored six previous books including June-tree, his most recent collection of poetry. He is the Constance H. and Donald M. Rebar Professor of the Humanities at Colgate University in New York State, and was the first director of Colgate’s Center for Ethics and World Societies. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, and is a prize-winning poet and prolific essayist on literature and art.
LIBERATION OF SHUSHI, END OF WORLD WAR ONE CAUSE FOR CELEBRATIONS IN ARMENIAYEREVAN (RFE/RL, Armenpress) Armenia officially marked on Monday the 60thanniversary of the end of the World War II, honoring and remembering hundredsof thousands of its citizens that contributed to the Allied victory over Nazi Germany. In two-day official celebrations, Armenia also marked the 13th anniversary ofMountainous Karabagh's ancient city of Shushi from Azerbaijan. The fall of Shushi was one of Azerbaijan's most serious military setbacks and proved vital for Armenian victory in the 1991-94 war. The anniversary was marked as a day of mourning in Baku. For Victory Day celebration, hundreds of gray-haired war veterans wearing wartime medals were joined by senior government officials as they paid tribute to their fallen comrades at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Yerevan's Victory Park. Thousands of younger Armenians laid flowers by its eternal fire throughout the day. Some 600,000 citizens of Soviet Armenia took part in what many people in the former USSR call the Great Patriotic War. Nearly half of them lost their lives--a catastrophic death toll for what was then a republic of less than two million inhabitants.Just over 19,000 war veterans remained alive as of May 2000.
INTERNET SCAM FOOLS THOUSANDS OF ARMENIANS9 May 2005 Gibrahayer - Nicosia: Thousands of Armenians fell victim to an Internet scam that was inviting them to vote on the recognition of the Turkish Government's acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide. When the chain came to Cyprus, thousands of Greek Cypriots were also forwarding the link at Katia Peltekian warned online Armenians with the following email. This is a scam... I've checked with several people already. This shows how naive the Armenians are in politics, media as well as technology. This is another expert's opinion..**Note that there has been 228,000 votes in 3 days on that site!!!!The person who posted it made $22,800 so far (10cents per click) meanwhile 228000 people wasted their time and energy voting and discussing this site. I wish Armenians will devote this kind of dedication and energy in real Armenian activities.**Anyway...I can't believe Armenians would fall for this, and jump to it as if all our future existence depends on it. We have become so very limited with our Genocide past!!... There is nothing on the page about what the purpose of this poll is, who is collecting the votes, for whom this voting is being done, who is going to use this poll, etc... The No votes make no move while the YES votes have jumped tremendously from almost zero to above 61% since yesterday when Armenians in a panic began forwarding this message left, right and center. Regards,Katia Peltekian
MAY OF OUR VICTORIES( )May is unique in the history of the Armenian nation. The historic victories we have won happened in May: Avarair, Sardarapat and Bash-Aparan, the victory in the WWII, and the liberation of Shushi…In all these battles, the Armenians won thanks to their determination, powerful will and forceful army.Today, our struggle has moved from the battlefield to the fields of diplomacy, economic development, and creation of statehood with a strong army. In these fields, our success relies on elimination of the obstacles that hinder the normal development of the state, political and public structures of Armenia as well as the efficiency, the unity of the nation and the establishment of fairness in the country.

ARMENIAN RELIEF SOCIETY (HOM) CHAIRPERSON VISITS CYPRUS Wednesday May 11, 2005 - Nicosia (Gibrahayer) Maro Minassian, Chairperson of The Armenian Relief Society (HOM) based in Watertown, Massachusetts, arrived in Cyprus on 3rd May for a two day visit to the Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter of this world-wide charity organisation. Minassian arrived here from Armenia, where she presided over the opening ceremony of the new maternity ward of the ARS "Mother and Child" Medical Centre in the Akhurian region, Shirak Marz. The new 450.000 dollar facility is the latest extension to the centre, which has already served about 40.000 patients in the region. Whilst in Armenia, Minassian also attended the "Hayastan" Armenia Fund annual board meeting, as the representative of ARS. The ARS Chairperson attended a meeting of the local chapter members on the first evening of her arrival in Cyprus, where she gave an extensive report on the organisations activities and on-going projects. The evening was concluded with a dinner at a local taverna. On Wednesday, 4th May, Ms. Minassian visited community centres and was interviewed by CyBC. In the evening she was the guest of honour at a dinner at the Laiki Sporting Club, where she was introduced by the "Sosse" chapter chairperson Vera Tavitian. The following day was dedicated to a working meeting with the representatives of ARS regions around the Middle East, who had also arrived for this occasion. Various international projects, such as the planned fund raising with a target of five million dollars, were discussed during this meeting attended by representatives from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait and Cyprus. Minassian departed on Friday 6th May for Cairo, Egypt.Images of her stay in Nicosia at
TIMAG'S THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE THE BEST OF THE LAST SIX YEARSWednesday May 11, 2005 - Nicosia (Gibrahayer) Timag's "Ser Ou Dzidzagh" by Yervant Odian was undoubtedly the best performance of the last six years. Enriched by new cast like Marie Lou Jourian, Naira Tokatlian and Araxi Guereghian, Hamazkayin's Oshakan Chapter proved once more that their programme of cultural happenings are the heartbeat of Armenian Cypriot cultural life. Under the expert guidance of director Janna Tahmizian, Timag's cast have excelled from keen amateur theater performers to actors in their own right with performances that touch excellence. This was clearly visible on Sunday's performance at PASIDY Theatre in Nicosia. Unfortunately, like most of the community events, quality Armenian cultural events are supported by the very few. Only 250 community members attended Timag's performance. As a community we seem to have an opinion on details of community happenings, programme details on how we should commemorate April 24 and on how we should preserve (very rightly so) our burial grounds, but when it comes to the community life of the living, we seem to be absent. If this is the case, the only question that remains unanswered is the following. ARE WE DEAD IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING?
TATIANA'S CORNERThis corner is reserved for local artist Tatiana Ferahian's comic strips which are amalgamations of Armenian-Cypriot social commentaries, painted with her usual wry and ironic humour, to stimulate and encourage awareness and interest toward our community's everyday happenings.
Genocide 90 Years ago - and Denial By Garbis Krajian (Addis Tribune) remembrances of Armenia - The Washington Times may wish to read the following article from the Los Angeles Daily News, May 8 electronic/ May 9 print media relating to the Armenian Genocide and the Armenian Oral History Program at UCLA by clicking to the following address:,1413,200~20954~2859446,00.htmlTragic memories caught on tape.By Naush Boghossian
YOUR EMAILS... well, i guess they are faking it in other departments too...!! American Turks in Denial... ...and fabrications galore! I wonder which idiot convinced this bunch of fools to go out and ridicule themselves in public? PS. I think these are paid protesters. Plus free milk and cookies afterwards, thank you very much. Now go home. Hang on. But, to complete the freak show, where are the handsomely paid professional wailing women pulling at their own hair and beating their own chests? How could the organisers miss such fine details? Alidz Sarkissian - Nicosia Dear Simon:Many thanks for printing the article that I Emailed you.I have printed out Gibrahayer and will give it to my husband, Ara, to read. As I stated, my husband was born and brought up in Nicosia, Cyprus.One minor correction, I live in the State of Connecticut and my name is Lucine Horenian.My maiden name was, Atashian.I look forward to receiving your E-magazine regarding news about Cyprus.Keep up the good work.Sincerely, Lucine Siréli Hayrénagitsner,Tchem garogh timanal, ahavassig im gorghmén nevérme, pajnevenk ad jamanague miassin... hayrénaser zgatsumnérov Discours de Commémoration du 9 MAi 2005 de la Lettre de la Représentation en France du Conseil National Arménien, Mai 2005, N°3énag Dear Melkoniantsiner, Greetings from Los Angeles.It is with pleasure I come to inform you that at the 2005 Armenian Music Awards, The Kohar Symphony Orchestra and Choir will be recognised with a Special Achievement Award.The Awards will be held on May 19, 2005 at the world famous Palladium, Hollywood.For this occasion, our Sebouh Apkarian will visit Los Angeles to receive the Award, together with Kohar's director of production Sevag Seropian (Melkoniantsi, 80's). They will arrive on May 15. There will be some events scheduled during their stay in Los Angeles. At the awards, there will be special seating arrangements made for Melkoniantsis and friends of Kohar.For more information visit www.thearmenianmusicawardscom. I can be reached at 1-323-935-2343 and Mr. Apkarian, Sevag and I are looking forward to see you all.With warm regards,Mark, (Nishan Chechenian) VOICE FOR EUROPE Be tolerant not naiveTolerance, gender equality, human rights and religious freedom are common values. It is irresponsible to invite Turkey to join Europe.We refuse accession of Turkey to the European Union.Why?In Turkey, there is …LACK OF RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, ESPECIALLY FOR THE EQUALITY OF WOMAN AND MAN!CORRUPTION ON VARIOUS LEVELS OF SOCIETY!DEEP HABITUAL, ECONOMIC AND RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES!LACK OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM Keheyian - London "In view of Ms. Kennedy's current trip and State's position on Annan Plan-5, it is time to call the Annan Plan-5 what it really is. The Annan Plan-5 is an extreme and blatant example of political and economic corruption in which the violator, Turkey, is rewarded and the victims, the Greek Cypriots, punished. It rivals and exceeds the recent business corporate corruption scandals in the U.S."Stella Dear Simon,I enclose a list of the burials we know to be in the Old Cemetery. I confirmed the Prelature's identification of some, and found some others which were NOT on their list last year but I couldn't complete the cataloguing of the cemetery this May as I intended, for obvious reasons.This may also be of some help to those of your subscribers who do not read Armenian, and you are welcome to put it in Gibrahayer.Love to all,Berge & Joy Kouyoumdjian.x BURIALS IN THE OLD ARMENIAN CEMETERY Source: Armenian Prelature, Nicosia, and further identification by Berge KouyoumjianGraves actually seen and catalogued in September, 2004 by Berge marked with + Eramian family members are printed in red.Click here for the list
2005 MELKONIAN GRADUATES PRODUCE FUND-RAISING DVD The 2004-2005 graduating class of the Melkonian Educational Institute has produced a special DVD of their latest “Yerki ou Bari Hantes” staged on April 8.The project is the brainchild of graduate Avedis Koushian and his team and the DVD is selling for CYP 10.00 or USD 22.00, plus package & postage. The proceeds of the sales will fund the graduates’ annual excursion.For details on how to order your own copy of the DVD, how to send payment, and to support the graduating class, contact:"Avo Koushian"
SECURITY GROUP GUARDING MELKONIAN AGAINST STUDENT VANDALISMMonday May 9, 2005 - Nicosia (Gibrahayer) A security service - Group 4 - are guarding the Melkonian against student vandalism, the first incidents of which were recorded against Melkonian property last week."There is tension in the air" , said a teacher to Gibrahayer. "Students are angry at the AGBU decision that has affected their future and career options directly, and have been destroying school property in anger."It seems that after the unsuccessful attempts to legally win a battle against the AGBU, Melkonian graduates of the class of 2005 will be the last graduate class of this historic establishment.
ARTSAGANG You can read the Armenian community's 24- page monthly Armenian publication (April 2005 issue number 122) in front of your computer in pdf format at Artsagang April 2005Artsagang's Greek and English sections can be read at Greek- English Artsagang April 2005Khmpakragan: Ayskan CharikArticles: Hamayn Hayoutiune Ge Nshe Bahanchadiroutian 90ameage - Vahan AynedjianSpyourki nor ouje Yevrobahayoutiune - Dr.Antranik AshdjianNor Dzaghgaplour - Massis Der PartoghHachort Ore - Simon AynedjianSections: Hay gyank, Desaged, Gibrahay, MshagouytPoems: Hagop Sargavak Tenjoukian, H.Anmah
BOOK REVIEW Gibrahayer May 10, 2005 - (Tatiana Ferahian) Written in the general realm of manipulated narratives, Yacoubian blends the line between illusion and reality, cultivating the ambiguous line at which his characters become trapped or misguided by their own choices, often addressing themes of domination: the psyche by the dream, the conscience by guilt, the personality by passion. "In the dead time between deciding to leave and doing so, Avalo drifts through the remnants of his Cyprus Life. Avalo is an intense arabesque of poetic attitude, weaving highly charged observations with the surreal, nightmarish dreams capes to capture the dissatisfaction of the eponymous hero as he tries to salvage some meaning from his experiences. At times dense, often scathingly witty, and never less than challenging, Avalo is testament to Yacoubian's restless search for 'starwealthinss'."Available at Moufflon and Solonian bookshops.
• President Robert Kocharian and U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Evans participated in the ceremony of opening the new building of the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan• Uruguay parliament has unanimously passed a decision to recommend the country's foreign ministry to submit a resolution to the United Nations marking April 24 -- the Armenian Genocide day -- as the World Day of Genocide Condemnation. Lian Kechijian, an Armenian member of the Uruguay parliament, has played a great role in the decision.•Kirk Kerkorian made a bold bet on General Motors Corp. (GM.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Wednesday, offering to more than double his stake to 8.8 percent in a move that raised investor confidence in America's industrial backbone and drove U.S. stocks broadly higher.• Artsakh authorities handed over three Azeri soldiers who were detained in the northeast Artsakh as they tried to cross the demarcation line on 15 February. The handover took place in Agdam. • Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (TMFA) condemned the Argentinean Senate which accused Turkey for committing genocide against the Armenians between 1915 and 1923.
SPORTS CALENDAR• David Nalbandian won the BMW Open title in Munich, taking little more than an hour to crush Romanian fifth seed Andrei Pavel 6-4 6-1. For his win and he picked up the $67,000 winner's cheque and a BMW Z4 car worth an estimated $51,000.• Cyprus FUTSAL Cup semi finals. ARARAT - OMONIA 5-4. Return leg on Thursday 12 May 2005.• International Seniors Cup at The Larnaca Tennis Club, organised by The Cyprus Tennis Federation. May 7-14, 2005 with the participation of ten countries.Some of this week's results & schedule: Quarter final Doubles: Haig Ashdjian & Simon Aynedjian (Cyprus) defeated Demetris Kiritsis & Michalis Katsouris (Greece) 6-1, 6-2THURSDAY 12 MAY, 2005Semi finals: Nigel Mann (Great Britain) Vs Simon AynedjianSemi finals: Paul Wagenius (Sweden) Vs Haig Ashdjian• Macedonia International Senior Tennis Championships in Thessaloniki - Greece. 14-21 May 2005. Acropolis Cup by BNP Paribas in Athens - Greece from June 1 - 12, 2005. Representing Cyprus in both events are Haig Ashdjian and Simon Aynedjian. The 2005 ITF calendar can be viewed at •Yerevan’s Pyunik lost their first points as they were held to a 1-1 draw by Abovyan’s Kotayk while Yerevan’s Ararat registered their first win beating Dynamo Zenit 1-0.• Mika FC won the Armenian Football Cup by beating Kilikia 2-0 in the final.

g i b r a h a y c a l e n d a r
•Lecture/Discussion by Peter Balakian on Friday May 20, 2005 at 8:00 pm at Utudjian Hall of The Armenian Prelature. Organised by The Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus "Oshakan" Chapter.•The Melkonian Alumni and the Oshakan Cyprus Chapter of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association are co-organising a Book-Launch and a cultural evening dedicated to Vahan Bedelian on Wednesday 25 May 2005 at 8:00 pm sharp at The Nareg School Hall, with the participation of Bedelian's prominent student Levon Chilingirian.• Dinner in honour of Armenian Relief Society (HOM) Central Executive Board Chairperson Maro Minassian (USA) organised by the Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter, on Wednesday 4 May, 2005 at 8:30 pm at Laiki Sporting Club. Images at:•Saturday May 28th, 2005. 87th anniversary Celebrations of the Independence of Armenia organised by AYMA / HMEM. Details to follow.AT THE UK* Saturday May 14th - A special Commemorative Concert on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide will take place at LSO St Luke's at Jerwood Hall, 161 Old Street, London EC1V 9NG, on 14 May 2005, at 7:30 pm.The Barn Sinfonietta of Oxted, with 24 professional musicians and solo violin - Susanna Gregorian (from Germany) under the baton of Johan Michael Katz and Rachael Maher - leader, will perform:Alan Hovhannes - Psalm and Fugue Op 40,Aram Khachaturian - Guyane Ballet Suite (Adagio), Edward Mirzoyan - Symphony for strings and timpani, Alexander Arutunian - Violin Concerto, Komitas - KrunkTickets / Reservations are available at the Barbican Box Office or on 020 7638 889.* Saturday June 11th - HYE Boat Party• Friday and Saturday, 13-14 May 2005 Intercollege, Nicosia. - TURKEY, THE EU AND THE US: HIGH STAKES, UNCERTAIN PROSPECTS. Symposium organised by the Research and Development Center – Intercollege and the Lyman L. Lemnitzer Center for NATO and EU Studies, Kent State University. •Fifth International Pharos Chamber Music Festival is beginning next week with three concerts:Tuesday May 10 - Trio Wanderer / PASYDY Auditorium, Nicosia. Friday May 13 - Skampa Quartet / Royal Manor House, Kouklia, Paphos AND May 14 / PASYDY Auditorium, Nicosia•Armenian musical duo of Jean Davidian and Marie Louise Kouyoumdjian perform at the Palm Beach Hotel in Larnaca every Saturday. Marie Louise sings at Champs Club every Friday.• AYF Badanegan Mioutian get-togethers take place on Saturday at 3:30 pm at AYMA. Contact Vartoog Karageulian on 24-659245.• AYMA/HMEM Chicco Football practices take place every Friday from 7:00 - 8:30 pm for children starting from the age of 7. Contact Krikor Mahdessian on 99650897.• AYMA/HMEM Table Tennis practices take place every Saturday from 5:30 pm under the guidance of ex-Cyprus Champion Sirvart Costanian. Classes for all ages.• AYF meetings every Wednesday at 9:00 pm at AYMA.• For more details of the next Bible Study Class organised by the Armenian Prelature at the Vahram Utudjian Hall of The Armenian Prelature call Father Momik Habeshian direct on 99 307966 or at the Prelature Office on 22 493560 email• Armenian Radio Hour on The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation via real audio on . Broadcast 17:00-18:00 local Cyprus time (14:00-15:00 GMT)• The Armenian Prelature announces that the next permit for the Armenian Cemetery visitation at Ayios Dhometios on the Green line, is on Sunday 22 May 2005.• Every Wednesday from 7-8 pm (Cyprus time + 2 GMT) on CyBC's Trito, Puzant Nadjarian presents the "History of the Blue". Internet edition on
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