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Objet : Information Warfare Requires Constant Attacks
Anahit Yesayan . Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on July 10, 2008 Armenia

"Protecting oneself in the information warfare is already a defeat. No protection is allowed in this war; it is necessary to launch attacks all the time. The party which protects itself is defeated by 90
percent," HAYK DEMOYAN, Head of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute is convinced.
"From the very first day of its formation, the Third Republic of Armenia announced on the level of the country's top figures that it is ready to establish good-neighborly relations with Turkey.
Moreover, our country did not set any preconditions for establishing such relations. In contrast to this, the Turkish side has always advanced preconditions for establishing and regulating the diplomatic relations with the Republic of Armenia. The first and principal precondition advanced by the Turkish side has a direct bearing on the Armenia-NKR-Azerbaijan relations. This is simply unacceptable in the present-day international relations. It is unacceptable because conducting foreign policy against the hnic background and establishing relations with a third country does
not absolutely correspond to the spirit of nternational relations and international law. Let alone the fact of keeping the border closed. Closing the border with any state is equivalent to a step
preceding the act of declaring war. 0 A At present, Turkey certainly enjoys its strategic position
and the status of being a superpower in the region, thus trying to achieve the desired result by way of using pressures against Armenia. And what's more, it is doing so considering not only its own interests but also the interests of Azerbaijan, an ally country with which
has ethnic commonalities. That's to say, by way of exerting pressure upon Armenia, Turkey
is trying to achieve two results: first for Turkey and then for Azerbaijan.

In this respect, Armenia seems to be in an advantageous position ecause we do not advance any precondition, expressing willingness o establish all kinds of relations and negotiate around any
issue. However, considering the juncture of international relations, we can say that the proposals of the Armenian side, which seem ragmatic at first sight, do not always receive a positive response."

"In this context, how would you comment upon the President's most ecent statement made in Moscow?"
"I believe many people have not read the text of the statement and interpret it in their own way. This is very regrettable. The President announced that we are ready to discuss any fact with the
neighboring state. he discussion of any fact does not yet mean that the historical act of the Genocide is going to be discussed even if they set up a committee. The fact itself is a fact whi ch has been roven.

I don't think the country's leader had such intention, as many people would desire. And it is very egrettable that guided by the mentality of kicking the ball into our goal we are trying to rejoice, without ever thinking of doing the contrary." "By making a proposal to set up a committee, Turkey is trying to make an impression on the European structures that it is going to initiate a joint discussion and propose a dialogue etc. What is Armenia's attitude in this context?"
"My first response was the following: it is necessary to carry out activities based purely on nformation technologies and the methodology of work. We leave aside all the emotive expressions saying this country recognized the Genocide and the other called the fact into question. Thus, we all into a trap. It is the right time for us to have professionals specialized in setting such traps.
This is called information warfare in which the weapon of the soldiers is quite different and the ilitary operations are carried out by the use of quite different methods. It is necessary to establish tis
kind of school, and it is commendable that in his meeting with the officials of the National Security Service, the President struck the direct nerve, stressing the importance of being the first to launch
attack in the information warfare with the neighboring state. By the way, t he statement of the Armenian President was followed by Mr. Aliev's meeting with his country's ambassadors who were given an instruction to undertake offensive steps. If the Turkish side undertakes the initiative by making proposals constantly, the Armenian side may, in turn, initiate such proposals too, previously having a good idea about the further steps. In particular, the Armenian party may launch the attack by vancing three initial arguments. First, we have hundred and thousand proofs (by the way, not of Armenian origin) that confirm the fact of the Genocide in a direct and indirect manner.

The second most important argument is that the Armenian Genocide as now gained an international recognition. It is recognized by countries, authoritative international organizations, highly-reputable professionals specialized in Genocide studies and the International Association of Genocide Studies, involving almost all the Genocide study specialists of the world.
The third argument is that Turkey's denial policy is currently in a state of fiasco, i.e. it is totally crushed."

To be continued

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