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13 05 2008 - For the first time a British minister uses the words Armenian Genocide
The U.K. government has strongly condemned the desecration of the Armenian Genocide Monument in Cardiff, Wales which ocurred on Holocaust Memorial Day on january 27, 2008, Armenia Solidarity,
supported by Nor Serount Cultural Association, indicates.

In a reply to Mr David Burrowes MP, (who had taken up a complaint by B. Nazarian of Armenia Solidarity about the desecration of the Armenian Genocide Monument), the Secretary of State for Wales, the Rt Hon Paul Murphy, replying for the UK government specifically refered to "the desecration of The Armenian Genocide Memorial in Cardiff in january 2008"
He continued: "I wholeheartedly condemn this violent act of desecration. It is distressing that this is yet another example of how we must all continue to be vigilant against such acts of racism, violence and hatred; and that we all need to stand united against them.[...] This attack, like many similar crimes, is often unprovoked and undertaken under the cover of darkness. [...] I hope that when the person(s) are caught and prosecuted for this crime, this will go some way to easing the pain and distress that has been caused by this terrible act", he said.
"This is a most signifigant developpment" said a spokesman for Armenia Solidarity. "In the past government ministers have made strenuous efforts to avoid using the phrase the Armenian Genocide.


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