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09 05 2008 - Neo-Conservatives' Love of McCain and Clinton: Bad For America!
May 9, 2008
By Appo JABARIAN- Executive Publisher/Managing Editor

Since American independence of 1776, several U.S. presidential elections gave the American voters a choice between good and better candidates. However, the last few elections featured a choice between a good candidate and bad one.

In 2008, the worst that the voters need to avoid is a choice between a bad and a worst candidate.

If presidential candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) is eliminated (which is highly unlikely due to his impressive May 5 victory in NC), the U.S. presidential race may narrow down to a distinct possibility of offering a dismal situation where the voters would have to choose between the "one hundred-year war-" candidate John McCain (R-AZ), and "Obliterate Iran" candidate Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

Now that the former presidential candidate Rudy Guliani has long dropped out and John McCain has become the presumptive Republican nominee, the readers are encouraged to read the following paragraph by substituting the name "Rudy" with "McCain." After all, McCain is an "even better bet" for the neoconservatives.

Originally, Murray Sabrin of HYPERLINK, a critique of the neoconservatives, wrote on October 23, 2007: "The [neo-con] political elites are covering their bets just in case Bush gets cold feet and doesn't attack Iran by Jan. 20, 2009. The neo-cons think they will be able to count on Rudy [now, McCain] or Hillary to give the order to bomb away after one of them is inaugurated."

However Hillary has not won her party's nomination. As of Tuesday May 6, Obama was still leading with 1893 delegates to her 1705. Sabrin added: "That's the really good news. There is still time for 70% of the American people who want U.S. troops out of Iraq to make their voices heard in the upcoming caucuses and primaries and deny the neoconservatives their cherished hope for 08, a neo-con Republican and Democrat squaring off for president."

Sabrin continued: "Neoconservatives in the Bush administration and in Congress on both sides of the aisle have a 'remarkable' record since September 11, 2001. They are responsible for the Iraq fiasco, runaway federal spending, skyrocketing oil prices, and a plunging dollar. With such a stellar record of public service, Act II is now unfolding, a preemptive military strike against Iran's nuclear program. The neoconservatives in the think tanks and in the media have been the Amen chorus cheering on the Bush/Cheney regime at every step of the way."

Sabrin concluded: "Hopefully, Republicans, Democrats and Independents will drive the neo-cons out of the political arena by going to the polls and just saying no the American Global Empire. A vote for peace will drive the neoconservatives far, far away from Washington and the seats of power so the American people will not have to listen to their warmongering propaganda any more."

The longer the neo-cons consolidate their stranglehold on America's economy and foreign policy, the deeper the losses will be for the freedoms gained by the Americans through monumental sacrifices during the 1776 war of independence led against the then London-based neo-cons of that era.

If neo-cons continue to wield their U.S.-based multi-national imperial powers, the United States and much of the international community will not escape unharmed. Several millions of innocent civilians will continue to loose their livelihoods and even their lives.

According to several political observers, the predecessors of today's neo-cons - through their anti-human philosophy and globalization policies, were the primary instigators of the fratricidal World Wars I and II. It is vital that they not ignite the third big one.

Activists and voters in the U.S.A. have much to gain by joining forces to bring back America to Americans by re-liberating and re-orienting the U.S. economic and foreign policies away from those of empire. It's high tine to re-make America just like the Founding Fathers had intended: a living democracy, a determined champion of human rights and a healthy engine for prosperity everywhere.

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