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09 05 2008 - UNESCO To Celebrate The 100th Birthdays Of William Saroyan And Victor Hambartsumyan
March 11 2008 at 8:48 PM 11.03.2008

The celebrations of the 100th anniversaries of renowned Armenian writer William Saroyan and astrophysicist Victor Hambartsumyan are included in the UNESCO list of arrangements dedicated to the anniversaries of important events and renowned people.

The celebrations of William Saroyan’s 100th birthday will be held in Armenia and the US, particularly Fresno, where the great writer lived and worked. Armenpress was told from UNESCO Division of the International Organizations Department of RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the list and schedule of the arrangements dedicated to Viktor Hambartsumyan’s jubilee are still being discussed.

Armenia will continue the cultural diplomacy, due to which a number of events were held in foreign countries to present Armenia’s centuries-old culture and spiritual life. The celebrations of the 100th birthdays of famous artist Garzu (Garnik Zulumyan) and renowned scientist Norayr Sisakyan were included in the list of UNESCO’s arrangements last year.

Annette Melikian

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