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Former Defence Minister of Greece and PASOK MP Akis Tsokhadzopoulos was the main speaker of the Commemoration of The Armenian Genocide in PASYDY Theatre two days ago. The event was under the high auspices of The President of The House of Representatives Marios Garoyian.

Yesterday, Thursday 24 April, 2008, Armenian Cypriot youth distributed leaflets at Eleftherias Square, where information about the Armenian Genocide was projected on a big screen.

At 5:00 pm, the evening events began with Holy Liturgy at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church in Nicosia and at 6:30 pm, the community marched along Armenia street ending at The Genocide Memorial at 7:00 pm where a Memorial and Vigil was held.

Event images can be viewed by clicking on these two images or by clicking on this following link at

Tsokhadzopoulos tonight at 8:00 pm



# GIBRAHAYER e-magazineWednesday 23 April at 8:00 pm - Former Defence Minister of Greece and PASOK MP Akis Tsokhadzopoulos is the main speaker of the Commemoration of The Armenian Genocide in PASYDY. The event is under the high auspices of The President of The House of Representatives Marios Garoyian.
Buses will leave from the Armenian Churches of Limassol and Larnaca at 6:00 pm and bring community members to the political gathering.
# Thursday 24 April - The Armenian Cypriot youth will distribute leaflets at Eleftherias Square, where information about the Armenian Genocide will be projected on a big screen.
# Thursday 24 April at 5:00 pm - Holy Liturgy at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church in Nicosia.
# Thursday 24 April at 6:30 pm - March along Armenia street ending at Genocide Memorial
# Thursday 24 April at 7:00 pm - Memorial and Vigil at the Genocide Memorial.
# Sunday, May 4 at 5:00pm - Armenian Evangelical Church Service Bashdamounk - Hantisoutioun, to Commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide, in the Greek Evangelical Church, 20 Gladstonos - street in Nicosia. Guest speaker: Rev. Dr. Manuel Jinbashian.


* MEPs appeal to the Turkish Minister of Justice
* The European Armenian Federation calls for the abolition of article 301
* The trial is postponed until a cosmetic reform of the TPC clauses which are a destruction of liberty

Eafjd Brussels - Four eminent members of the European Parliament – Mrs Koppa and Mr Toubon, both vice-presidents of the delegation EU-Turkey, Mr Gaubert, vice-president of the sub-committee on Human Rights and president of Licra[1], Mr Kasoulides, former minister of Foreign Affairs and recent candidate for the Cypriot presidency – have recently sent a letter to the Turkish Minister of Justice, Mr Sahin, in order to inform him of the Unions concern about the trial developments (see below[i]). The MEPs mention that the “long, costly and morally exhausting” trial comes from “judicial relentlessness”. They are also worried about Mr Zarakolu’s “physical security” regarding “nationalistic renewal in Turkey” especially revealed by the “murder of Hrant Dink and the revelations referring to the criminal organisation Ergenekon”.
GIBRAHAYER e-magazine The MEPs ask Mr Sahin to “abrogate without any delay the 301 article and similar clauses” of the Turkish Penal Code and “other legislative and statutory texts which are effective in Turkey”. They also ask for the cessation of “iniquitous prosecutions” in opposition to Mr Zarakolu and they underline that his “condemnation and even more, any attempt to his integrity will constitute a cutting contradiction to the European ambitions of Turkey”.
On April 9, at the end of another hearing of Mr Zarakolu, the criminal court in Istanbul decided to postpone the hearings until June 17, i.e. after the possible adoption by the Turkish Parliament of the amendments tabled by the AKP government referring to the 301 and 305 articles of the TPC.
The European Armenian Federation reminds that Mr Zarakolu is a publisher and militates for several years in favour of Human Rights in Turkey. He is one of the founding members of the Turkish Association for Human Rights and he forms part of those dissidents prosecuted under the 301 article for having “insulted the State and the Republic” and “the memory of Ataturk”.
In this case, Mr Zarakolu is prosecuted following the article 301 because he published two books on the Armenian genocide, the founding act and the major taboo of the Turkish state and society. One of the books deals with the rescue of an Armenian family by Turks during the genocide!
“Mr Zarakolu case is without any doubt one of the most symbolic trials instituted by the Turkish State against one of its dissidents. Apart from the penal condemnation, Mr Zarakolu is enduring financial difficulties deliberately induced by the trial in order to reduce him to silence. Moreover, he fears now for his life as the trials are only a way to point out the potential victims to the killer teams controlled by the State” commented Laurent Leylekian, the executive director of the European Armenian Federation.
According to the latest news, the “reform” proposed by the AKP recommends to replace in the 301 article which penalises “the insult to the Turkish identity, the Republic, State institutions and organs” the terms “Turkish identity” and “Republic” respectively by “Turkish nation” and “Turkish Republic”.
The Federation considers that this “reform” will change nothing to the Turkish prosecutors dealings who – according to a recent poll – consider themselves as the guardians of the “National interest” of their country. “The Turkish prosecutors will continue prosecuting in the same way those who dare to speak about the Armenian Genocide, the occupation of Cyprus, or oppression of the Kurds. Europe has to force Turkey to abrogate these articles which clearly violate the Copenhagen criteria by penalising the freedom of expression not only of Turks but also of Europeans”, concluded Laurent Leylekian.
Several international organisations, such as the International Publishers Association, the League for Human Rights, Amnesty International mobilised and launched petition campaigns and alerted the European Commission in the framework of Turkey’s “accession process”. They also point out that these trials violate at the same time “freedom of expression” and the “right to a fair and impartial trial” which are theoretically guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights. They ask for a total abolition of the 301 article and other similar clauses of the Turkish Penal Code.


Global Hye Information - Israeli police had to break up a fist fight that erupted between Greek and Armenian Orthodox clergymen at one of Christianity's holiest sites.
The scuffles broke out at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Orthodox Palm Sunday.
Brawls are not uncommon at the church, which is uneasily shared by various Christian denominations.
In this case, witnesses say an Armenian priest forcibly ejected a Greek priest from an area near the tomb of Jesus.
They say the attacker felt the Greek priest had spent too long at the tomb.
When police arrived to break up the fight, some were reportedly beaten back by worshippers using palm fronds.
Two Armenians were detained by police, prompting supporters to stage a rally in protest outside the police station.
Rivalry between the six different churches which grudgingly share the Holy Sepulchre dates back to the aftermath of the crusades, and to the great schism between Eastern and Western Christianity in the 11th Century.
Each denomination controls, and jealously guards, its own section of the labyrinthine site.

GIBRAHAYER e-magazine
Gibrahayer - 21 April, 2008 - Nicosia - An agreement of Cooperation between the University of Cyprus and Yerevan State University was signed on Tuesday 15.04.2008 between the Rectors Professor Stavros A. Zenios and Professor Aram Simonyan in the presence of the Armenian Representative Mr. Vartkes Mahdessian.
In the agreement it is stated that both institutions will promote research between faculty members, exchange academic material, promote lectures and discussions and study between undergraduate and graduate students, organise seminars and conferences together.
Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian commenting to Gibrahayer on the signing said that this agreement "lays the foundation of a close co-operation between our homelands". He continued adding that the Armenian Representative will play an active role during the future co-operation between the two universities, which hopefully will open the way to establish an Armenian Chair in the University of Cyprus very soon.
The singing of the agreement was a “step closer” concluded the Armenian MP.The establishment of an Armenian Chair was one of the major discussion points of Mr. Mahdessian which he suggested to Professor Stavros A. Zenios during their meeting on the 5th of March 2007 while discussing the fate of the Melkonian Institute’s wealthy library. Furthermore, the desire for the establishment of an Armenian Chair was stressed by Mr. Mahdessian in his speech during the “Minorities in Cyprus” Seminar held at the European University of Cyprus on 24-25 November 2007.

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Dear Simon,
Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to write something for your website about our forthcoming club tour to Cyprus. We appreciate being able to spread the word to as many Armenians not only in Cyprus but around the world.
I have taken the liberty of preparing a short article summing up some information about our club and details of the tour itself.
The Armenian Youth Association's Football Club's tour to Cyprus this May is a sentimental trip, as the founding members of the club all came from the island 44 years ago. We have had to be patient, and now with the cooperation of Cyprus Airways, and the tremendous support of its Senior Manager Andreas Agathou, our dream has finally come true.
Our club chairman and former player and manager Emilios Nicolaou was one of the founder-members of AYA FC, who many years ago played for Cypriot team Pezoporikos, and the Cyprus national team alongside such legendary players as Panicos Krystallis, Andreas Pakkos and Panicos Efthymiades. Now he has passed on the mantle of leading the club to his son Nick Nicolaou, current manager. Last season, the 1st team secured promotion to the Second Division of the Chiswick & District Sunday Football League, while the newly formed 2nd team, led by Mark Bedrossian, son of Dick Bedrossian, another ex-player, played in the West Fulham Sunday Football League.
This season (2007-08) the 1st team is once again chasing promotion, and has reached the final of the Feathers Cup, which will be played this Sunday 20 April against Barnes Eagles Seniors, provided the weather does not get any worse! The 2nd team has completed its season, and will be moving to the Chiswick & District League as of next season, starting in September this year.
We arrive in Nicosia on Saturday 10th May, where we will be staying at the Centrum Hotel in the city centre. We have two games scheduled - the first is on Monday 12th May against the Bank of Cyprus, and the second is on Saturday 17th May against A.Y.M.A - both games kick-off in the afternoon.
During our time in Cyprus we will be welcomed at an evening reception at the A.Y.M.A clubhouse on our day of arrival, and will be visiting the Melkonian Institute on Sunday 11th May. We have also been very fortunate to be able to arrange two day trips, thanks to the cooperation and support of the Cypriot Tourist Office here in London. The first is on Tuesday 13th May to Paphos, and the second is to Protaras on Thursday 15th May.
We are especially looking forward to an evening dinner party at the home of Mr Vartkes Mahdessian, a former player with AYA, and now an elected representative of the Cyprus Armenian Community. Our return to London is on Sunday 18th May, in the afternoon.
I would like to thank everybody that has helped us make this dream a reality. Without your support, our trip to Cyprus would not be possible and would remain a dream for years to come.

Nick Nicolaou, Manager & Secretary, Armenian Youth Association Football Club
Letters to the Editor

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haradev hachoghutyun
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Badvarjan Antsnagazm
Gibrahayer Barperaterti,
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Hedevapar shenorhagaloutioun gue haydnem yev medzabes gue kenahadem tser daradz ashkhadanke,maghtelov tser badvarjan barperatertit annahantch selatske yev nebadagui iraganatsoume.
Hadjetsek entounil ,Badvarjan Gibrahayer Barperaterti Antsnagazm,hatchoghoutian lavakouyn maghtanknerou goghkin arevshadoutioun yev aroghtchoutioun.
Michel Dik Khorozian
GAP Vassilopoulos E-Media Ltd (www dot emedia dot com dot cy) are recruiting young professionals for their upcoming E-projects on a full time or a part-time basis. Please contact us direct.
Tel: 22710151 - email: simon dot aynedjian at gapgroup dot com
News in Brief by Sevag Devletian

* Armavia Armenian Air Company is expected to issue IPO (initial public
offering) on the London Stock Exchange. The International Financial
Corporation, which is Armavia's partner, has offered the air company to
issue IPO on the London Stock Exchange.
* A private meeting between the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia
Ilham Aliyev and Serzh Sargsyan, to discuss the resolution of the
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict may take place in the near future, Matthew
Bryza, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, said
addressing the meeting of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in
* Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of the State of California, has
proclaimed April 20-27 as "Days of Remembrance of the Armenian
Genocide." The proclamation of Governor of California Arnold
Schwarzenegger runs, in particular, as follows: "Every April, we take
time to commemorate the lives of those forever devastated by the
Armenian Genocide. Between 1915 and 1923, more than one million
Armenians were killed in the territory of the Ottoman Empire, and
countless more lost everything they owned. Often listed as the first
genocide of the twentieth century, these events had a life-altering
impact on many, and stimulated an Armenian Diaspora.
* The book 'A Shameful Act - Armenian Genocide and the Question of
Turkish Responsibility' by Turkish writer Taner Akçam was presented in
the former building of the Greek Parliament in the Athens. Armenian
Ambassador to Greece Vahram Kazhoyan, Greek parliamentarians and local
Armenian community representatives participated in the presentation
ceremony. The book was also presented in Saloniki.
* The city council of Ruse (Bulgaria) adopted a special resolution on
recognition of the fact of the Armenian Genocide. Ruse has become the
4th Bulgarian city (after Burgas, Plovdiv and Varna) to recognise the
Armenian Genocide.

Sports by Sevag Devletian

* Nine men and six women chess players from Armenia will take part in
the European Chess Individual Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
* Meline Daluzian (63 kg, Gyumri) and Nazik Avdalian (69 kg, Gyumri)
from Armenia both won gold in the womens tournament of the European
Weightlifting Championship being held in the city of Lignano, Italy. In
the mens tournament of the same competition Armenian weightlifter Tigran
Martirossian (69 kg) won gold outrunning his main competitor V. Dabaya
of France with 13 kg.
* Armenian taekwondo player Arman Yeremian (78 kg) won all five single
combats and achieved the champion’s title in the European Taekwondo
Championship held in Rome, Italy.

gibrahay calendar
after April 24
# Saturday 3 May at 4:00 pm - On the occasion of Magaravank Day - preparation of Herissa at Nareg school yard
# Saturday 3 May at 7:00 pm - Hsgoum
# Sunday 4 May at 9:30 am - Holy Liturgy
# Sunday 4 May at 11:00 am - Madaghorhnoutiun
# Sunday 4 May - Annual Performance of TIMAG Theatre Company of The Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association "Oshagan" Cyprus Chapter at PASIDY Hall - Nicosia. Remaining details to follow.
# Monday May 5 at 8:00 pm - Public lecture entitled. "The Bible: Historical reflection on the Armenian translation and its role in developing Armenian National Identity", organised by The Armenian Evangelical Church. Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Manuel Jinbashian from Canada.
# Saturday May 10 - Reception at AYMA welcoming AYA London Football Team.
# Monday May 12 - Football match: Armenian Youth Association (London) Vs Bank of Cyprus. Details to follow
# Saturday May 17 - Football match: Armenian Youth Association (London) Vs AYMA / HMEM. Details to follow
# Friday 9 and 16 May at 8:00 pm - The office of the Armenian representative Vartkes Mahdessian is organising a lecture in two parts on Road safety at the central offices of the Bank of Cyprus at Ayia Paraskevi. The lecture is open for people over 14 years old.

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