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26 04 2008- The Armenian Memorial of Budapest desecrated on April 24
The Khachkar dedicated to the memory of Armenian Genocide's victims of Budapest, located Petõfi square, was desecrated by the unknown ones a few hours before the ceremonies of the 93th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide by pulverization of black painting in this crowned day of April 24, 2008.

In back of the monument painting entirely covers the text engraved in Armenian. On the Hungarian text is written « Lie » and the word Genocide covered with painting, while word « FUCK » profanes the Cross decorating the side face of Khachkar.

Genocide memorial was erected in budapest in 2000. It's the first time that such an act of vandalism is perpetrated against the symbolic Armenian monument.The Armenian presence in Hungary goes up at 1000 years.

Jean Eckian

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