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24 04 2008- For release on the 24th April International Remembrance Day of the Armenian Genocide
For release on the 24th April – International Remembrance Day of the Armenian Genocide
Would you accept the EU to support Genocide denial?
No, of course. And would you accept the funding of an ultranationalist State? No again, obviously.
However, for now more than ten years, the European Union regularly denies, grossly negates or fails to deal justly with the Armenian Genocide.

It makes it in your name, without your consent and it is thus conniving against the will of EU citizens with the worst of crimes against Humanity.

It makes it to please Turkey and to ease the stubborn accession process of this country despite the lucid opposition of Europeans.

Yet, Turkey is a racist, militaristic and xenophobic State where superiority of the Turkish “race” is taught, where ethnic and cultural diversity is repressed and where the heritage of minorities is destroyed. This very same Turkey committed the Armenian Genocide, keeps on denying it and is absolutely failing to comply with the European values.

Because of the nature of this absolute crime, because of its 1 500 000 victims and because of the pledges for protection and reparation made by Europe to the survivors – the Union would have to demand to Turkey the recognition of this Genocide in the framework of the accession process.

However, facing the intransigence of Turkish diplomacy, it is far easier to cover it, to cover its denial – as well as the other breaches of Turkey to Human Rights.

As it fails to compel Turkey to its values, the Union actively attempts to “counteract the negative perceptions of the Turkish EU-accession process that exists in certain segments of public opinion”: On this year, as on the former ones, 40 to 60 million Euros from our taxes will grant a program of “dialog between European and Turkish civil societies” intending to turn acceptable the unacceptable. This amount is part of the half billion Euros granted yearly by the Commission to Turkey’s criminal regime.

On this Thursday 24 April 2008, we commemorate the 93rd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. This commemoration gives us the opportunity to reaffirm our solidarity with the victims of all genocides: the Armenians, the Jews, the Tutsi and now, sadly, the Darfouri; As Genocides performed today stem from the same ideology that currently deny the first Genocide. As denying the Armenian Genocide also allows to hush present mass crimes.

* If, as us, you believe that genocide is both a severe moral failure and an actual political threat,
* if, as us, you don’t accept to be made an accomplice of such a policy which ruins European values,
* then please sign up to this petition that will be forwarded to the European Union.

I sign up the petition

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