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09 04 2008 - European Commission: Armenia achieved progress in Armenia-EU Action Plan implementation
The report says, in part:
“Armenia made progress in several important areas in the implementation of the ENP Action Plan, despite delays caused by parliamentary elections in May 2007 and internal coordination problems between different Armenian ministries. Good progress was achieved in particular in the areas of judiciary reform, the administration of elections and the Ombudsperson Institution. Of key importance for 2008 will be proper implementation of recently adopted legislation.

“The conduct of the February 2008 presidential elections raised concerns, in particular the state of emergency that was introduced in their aftermath. The events have shown the necessity for further improvement in the field of human rights despite the progress achieved in 2007. The issue of corruption still needs to be addressed. Progress was achieved regarding human rights but there is room for further improvement. Armenia has widely aligned with CFSP declarations and is generally very active in cooperating on CFSP-related issues.

“This document reports on overall progress made on the implementation of the EU-Armenia ENP Action Plan between November 2006 and 31 December 2007, although developments outside this period are also considered when deemed relevant. It is not a general review of the political and economic situation in Armenia.”

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