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06 03 2008 Temel Demirer: «There was a Genocide in our history»
Paris, March 6, 2008
Turkish writer Temel Demirer: «There was a Genocide in our history»
According to the Turkish Bianet independent agency, the following day of the murder of Hrant Dink on January 19, 2007, the Turkish writer Temel Demirer read a declaration to the press in Ankara saying that the journalist had not been only killed because he was Armenian, but also because he had spoken about the Armenian Genocide.
Temel Demirer declared the thing following at a meeting of protest:
« We live in a country where the murders and silence on the truth are associates. Hrant was assassinated not only because he was Armenian, but because he said expressly reality that a genocide took place in this country. If the intellectuals Turks do not commit 301 crimes under the terms of article 301, they will be guilty murder of Hrant, also. »
«There was a genocide in our history, it is called Armenian Genocide. At the expense of its life, Hrant said to us to all this reality. Those which do not commit a crime against the fatal state form part of the murder. Those which killed the Armenians yesterday attack our Kurdish brothers and sisters today. Those which want the fraternity of the people need to face this history. We must commit crimes to prevent that what arrived at the Armenians arrives to the Kurds. I invite all those among you to commit crimes. Yes, there was a Armenian genocide in this country. »
«We know very well who massacred it! It is neither an unknown nor a secrecy for we…nous know the assassin who supports article 301, we know it... We cannot conceal to us! We cannot conceal to us! All for our part is clear », he had screamed to the present crowd.
This declaration had been signed by more than 45 Turkish personalities and organizations.
Temel Demirer passes of first instance judgement in front of the Penal Court n°2 of Ankara on march 6.
Jean Eckian
Independent correspondent


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