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29 02 2008 - Message of His Holiness Karekin II
feb 29, 2008,
Holy Etchmiadzin
To our dear and pious faithful, We are deeply troubled and distressed with the tense internal political landscape in our country following the presidential elections. The waves of emotions contain within them seeds of intolerance and confrontation for the sons and daughters of our people. The current situation is fraught with dangers threatening the internal peace and stability of our country and the reputation of our state.
On the path to independence, our people overcame many difficulties and obstacles, with the hope and faith of seeing a stronger country – not one that is unstable and rocked by divisions, conflicts and tremors. A divided people are condemned to fail in the realization of their aspirations and in their desires to establish a progressive, prosperous country and a strong state. As our Lord Jesus Christ says, "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city
or house divided against itself shall not stand". (St. Matthew 12:25)
Dear Armenian Sons and Daughters, we exhort you to preserve the spirit of common sense, wisdom and discretion; remain alert and law-abiding. Disregard all voices provoking hatred and enmity.
Take each step with serious consideration for our country's reputation, and for our present and future.
We call upon the representatives of the opposition who do not accept the results of the election, to work within legal frameworks, so that the stability of our statehood remains unharmed and that the achievements of our people and the tranquility of their lives are not endangered. Mass rallies and marches are not the ideal methods to dispute the final results of a completed election.
We call upon the state authorities to exert their utmost efforts using peaceful means to find solutions to the unresolved issues and challenges.
We pray to Almighty God, that He keep our country in tranquility, our Holy Apostolic Church unshaken, and our people dispersed throughout the world in peace, all under His benevolent and watchful gaze.
May the Grace, Love and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and with all. Amen.

Karekin II

relayed by J.Eckian

Jean Eckian

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