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27 02 2008 - Armenia: Iran atomic plans peaceful
February 26, 2008 22:40:13- Press TV, Iran
Armenia: Iran atomic plans peaceful
Wed, 27 Feb 2008 00:09:19
Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian
Armenia's foreign minister says Iran's nuclear program is peaceful and stresses that the country has a right to benefit form the energy.

`Armenia supports Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy as something that every country is naturally entitled to,' said Vartan Oskanian in meeting with the Iranian Ambassador to Yerevan, Seyyed Ali Saqian on Tuesday.

`We believe that Iran's nuclear program has been peaceful and there has been no deviation in it,' said Oskanian.

The Iranian ambassador, for his part, said the report issued by IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei has cleared ambiguities regarding Iran's
nuclear issue.

`Iran has given clear answers to all the questions posed by the International Atomic Energy Agency and Mr ElBaradei has confirmed that Iran's nuclear program has not deviated from the peaceful path,'
said Saqian.

This is while the United States has stepped up its efforts to convince UN Security Council members to impose a third round of sanctions on the Islamic country.
Submitted by Emil Lazarian


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