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22 02 2003 - Turkish Military Tribunals : a New Book from Zoryan , After years of painstaking effort
Jean Eckian -Febuary 22, 2008
Turkish Military Tribunals : a New Book from Zoryan
After years of painstaking effort, with the assistance of Zoryan Institute (Canada) two experts historians, Turkish and Armenian, on the Armenian Genocide, have completed a new, authoritative translation and detailed analysis of the Turkish Military Tribunals concerning the crimes committed against the Armenians during World War I. Setting the tribunals in their historical and legal context, they, for the first time ever, have compiled the known documentation of the trial proceedings.
The Takvim-i Vekâyi is a prime source of legal evidence and eye-witness testimony for the Genocide, and therefore of extreme importance for introducing the legal argument for affirming the Armenian Genocide. Consequently, it is an essential source for policy makers, historians, legal scholars, analysts of international relations, and those seeking truth, justice, and official recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
The Zoryan Institute has decided to accelerate the publication of these trials because of its timeliness in addressing the legal basis of our argument, above and beyond the historical and moral. Due to its uniqueness as legal documentation, this project is vital for Genocide Affirmation, George Shirinian said, executive director of the Zoryan Institute for Contemporary Armenian Research and Documentation.
To cover the expenses incurred in acquiring the original archival material, transliterating and translating it from Ottoman (Arabic script) Turkish into modern Turkish and several others languages, editing the texts, publishing and finally disseminating the work throughout the world, Zoryan Institut calls the financial support of the Armenians in the world.


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