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25 01 2008 - Tintin & Lucky Luke in Armenian
In Worldwide exclusivity, SIGEST editions presents the famous french comics Tintin and Lucky Luke in Armenian.

After the immense success of ¬Ђ The 7 Crystal Balls ¬ї, a new episode of the Tintin's adventures will be published on March 20 under the title ¬Ђ The Cigars of the Pharaon ¬ї. But on February 28, it will be the first publication in Armenian of the adventures of the " poor lonesome cowboy " Lucky Luke (Dalton City). The famous cowboy exists since 1947 thanks to Morris and Goscinny.

The texts were translated from french, in the Eastern Armenian, by Rousane & Jean Gureghian. A purchase is possible with Internet.
Jean Gurheguian, musician of Jazz, painter and author of several books on the history of Armenia, are graduate Polytechnic Institute of Erevan.
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Jean Eckian Paris

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