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06 01 2008 - Armenians in Cina
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Giornate della Cultura Armena in Cina

-Pechino-26 Dicembre - Con un concerto di galà nella Sala dei Concerti di Pechino si è inaugurata la manifestazione Le Giornate della Cultura Armena in Cina.
All'inaugurazione ufficiale aveva preceduto la mostra del pittore armeno Karen Aghamian nella Biblioteca della Città di Pechino.
Hasmig Poghosian, il ministro armeno della Cultura giunta in Cina per l'occasione ha incontrato il controparte cinese.....
Erano presenti inoltre la Sig.a Hranush Hakopian, Direttrice del Comitato Palamentare della Cultura dell' istruzione e dello sport e Vahagn Movsisyan, Ambasciatore dell'Armenia in Cina .
Il ministro cinese degli affari esteri si èra compiaciuto del progetto delle Giornate della Cultura Cinese in Armenia previsto per il prossimo anno.

Days Of Armenian Culture Start In Beijing
Beijing, December 26 /Armenpress/ Days of Armenian Culture in China kicked off yesterday by a gala concert in a Beijing concert hall. Before the official launch of the event an exhibition of works by an Armenian painter Karen Aghamian opened at the Beijing City Library.
Armenian culture minister Hasmik Poghosian, who flew to China for the event, was received yesterday by her Chinese counterpart.
The meeting was attended also by Ms. Hranush Hakobian, chairman of an Armenian parliament committee on culture, education and sport issues and Armenian ambassador to China, Vahagn Movsisyan.
Armenian foreign ministry said the Chinese minister hailed the program of Chinese Culture Days to be held next year in Armenia.
Before arriving in Beijing the Armenian delegation was December 21-23 in the province of Shanci, where they were welcomed by its deputy governor.
Over 24 Thousand Historical and Cultural Monuments Registered in Armenia
/PanArmenian.Net/ There are 24 143 historical and cultural monuments on the territory of Armenia at present and they are described, examined and protected by the state, head of the Agency for Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments at the Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs of Armenia, professor of architecture Artem Grigoryan told a PanArmenian.Net reporter. In his words, New monuments add to the already registered monuments each year.
«Our Agency works to study and describe monuments not only in Armenia, but also abroad, especially in countries bordering Armenia. The latest forum of the ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) in Beijing in 2005 adopted a resolution on restoration of the temple on Akhtamar Island in Turkey. According to the rules, Armenian restorers and architects should take part in the restoration works. However, as we do not have diplomatic relations with Turkey, the Armenian party addressed the UNESCO for assistance and, as you know, we were on Akhtamar a few times. The works are suspended now and it is not clear when they will resume,» Grigoryan said.

Armenia Takes Part in Second Beijing International Art Biennale
Yerevan, October 25, Azg Armenian Daily. Karen Aghamian, head of Artists' Union of Armenia, painters Felix Yeghiazarian and Karen Hovakimian took part in the 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale from September 20 to October 20. The Biennale drew participants from 60 countries with 500 pieces to exhibit. If the 1st Biennale in Beijing put up only the canvases of contemporary artists then the second one also exhibited the works of Matisse, Van Gogh, Renoir, Sezan, Modigliani, Picasso, Delacroix, Manet, Courbet and Utrillo. The works of Italian, Russian and Uzbek artists as well as impressionists and classic artists were displayed each in a separate hall.
The Biennale, coordinated by Vincenzo Sanfo, president of the Cultural Centre of Italy, is a wonderful chance to introduce China and the Chinese art to the world. Karen Hovakimian also took part in the previous Biennale presenting 3 of his canvases. But this time all of Armenian participants exhibited 1 painting each.
The participants of Biennale had chance to acquaint with Chinese culture. They visited UNESCO-protected Yellow Mountains in Anhui province with arch-modern hotels on the height of 2.700 meters.
"The touch to great Chinese culture is very important. The Chinese painting is very impressive; you can hardly find the same skilfulness in lines and tint in European art. China is a separate world where we still can find human relationship and national face. Taking the best from the world they keep their traditions and national identity. Beijing of 15 million population is simply shining with cleanness. And the city wonderfully combines national architecture with modern trends," Karen Hovakimian says.


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