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01 11 2007 - Ruben Safrastyan, Director of the Institute of the Oriental Studies, told a news conference in Yerevan.
Il punto di vista, che condividiamo, del Direttore dell'Istituto di Studi Orientali di Yerevan,
sulla risoluzione 106 alla Comissione degli Affari Esteri del Congresso USA...
"č una vittoria della nazione armena".........
Safrastyan: we can view discussions on H.Res.106 as victory of Armenian nation
Yerevan, November 1, /PanARMENIAN.Net/ The Armenian Genocide resolution reminded the international community about the "Armenian factor" and this is a positive result, Ruben Safrastyan, Director of the Institute of the Oriental Studies, told a news conference in Yerevan.
The Armenian interests coincided with the interests of the United States in this case, according to him.
"The authors of the resolution took action proceeding from interests of a power that advocates human rights while the Bush administration exercised the habit of operating with political categories. That is why, the measure was suspended. However, approval of the resolution by the congressional panel has shown that a future vote can be a success for Armenians. From this standpoint we should view the resolution debate as a victory of the Armenian nation," he said.
As to the Byrd-Smith resolution №358 on importance Turkey-U.S. partnership, Mr Safrastyan said there are politicians in the U.S., who really eye Turkey as a strategic ally. "These politicians initiated the measure but I do assure that not all in the administration and State Department believe that Turkey is an ally," he said.
October 10, with a vote 27 to 21 the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs adopted the Armenian Genocide Resolution, H.Res.106, which was introduced by Representative Adam Schiff January 30, 2007.
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Safrastyan: we can view discussions on H.Res.106 as victory of Armenian nation
Resolution on "importance of friendship with Turkey" introduced in U.S. SenateYerevan, October 31, /PanARMENIAN.Net/ In a move widely seen as intended to calm Turkish anger over growing strains in its ties with the United States, Senators Robert Byrd (D-WV) and Gordon Smith (R-OR) have introduced legislation which ignores key points of tension in this relationship and offers unconditional praise to Turkey and its leaders, reported the Armenian National Committee of America
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Chile Senate Calls On Government To Condemn Armenian Genocide
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U.S. Wntrepreneurs Call on George Bush Not to Recognize Armenian Genocide
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Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Issues Letter To Speaker Pelosi Calling For A House Vote On House Resolution 106
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Armenian Deputy Minister Warns Against Excessive Optimism Regarding Armenian Resolution In Us Congress
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Washington To Reassure Turkey Over Armenian Genocide Bill
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To deny Armenian Genocide is to deny Holocaust
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EAFJD: EU should Adopt Tougher Resolution on Turkey
'Screamers' and Genocide: A Talk With Serj Tankian From System of a Down
Memorial Plaque of Armenian Genocide Victims Opens in Rome
Armenian Issues Supporters To Lead In Democratic Senate Reid, Durbin & Biden Poised For Key Positions
US Congress May Recognize Armenian Genocide, American Scholar Believes
Milan Officially Recognized Armenian Genocide
Argentina May Pass Law to Designate April 24 as Genocide Remembrance Day
Schwarzenegger Signs Resolution To Erect A Monument To Armenian Genocide Victims In California
Chirac Urges Genocide Recognition, Karabakh Peace
Declaration Adopted As A Result Of The Third Armenia-Diaspora Conference
Turkey To Acknowledge Armenian Genocide If Historians Take Corresponding Decision
French Armenians Brought Suit against Turkish Consulate General in Paris
Days Of Armenian Culture To Be Held In Slovakia, Austria, Hungary And Czech Republic
Parliament of Ceará State of Brazil recognizes the Armenian Genocide
Brusseles requires the Recognition of Armenian Genocide
House Members Call On Eu To Encourage Turkey Reform And Recognition Of Genocide
The Czech Parliament To Consider A Bill On Recognition Of The Armenian Genocide
Turkey Wants Unblocking Of Its Border With Armenia
Majority Of Welsh Deputies In British Parliament Recognize Armenian Genocide
French National Assembly President Blocked Armenian Genocide Bill Consideration
U.S. Rock Band Remains True To Armenian Roots
The Prime Minister of Canada Recognizes the Armenian Genocide
Round-Table Discussions on Armenian Genocide to Be Held in Slavyansk-on-Kuban
International Conference On Armenian Genocide Held In Prague
Ambassador Says Germany Does Not Tolerate Denial Of Armenian Genocide
Armenians in France Protest against Talaat Pasha Action in Berlin
AYF, ANC Members Call for an End to Cycle of Genocide
Polish Government and Local Authorities Vary in Opinions on Armenian Genocide Issue
Hay Dat's Middle East Office Launches Website in Arabic
Review of State Department Records Regarding 2000 House Armenian Genocide Resolution Confirms Unprecedented Turkish Pressure and Refutes Speculations
Senators Allard and Santorum Back Armenian Genocide Resolution
Colorado Senator Wayne Allard Supported Armenian Genocide Resolution
Senate Democratic Leader Endorses Armenian Genocide Resolution
State Of Ohio To Pass Armenian Genocide Resolution
Lombardia Region Passes Resolution Mentioning Armenian Genocide
Number of Senators Supporting Armenian Genocide Resolution Reached 22
American Hellenic Institute Called upon U.S. Congress to Support Armenian Genocide Resolution
Armenian Embassy In Tehran Holds An Event Marking Armenian Genocide's 90th Anniversary
Lithuania Recognizes Armenian Genocide
Bratislava to Mark Anniversary of Resolution Censuring Armenian Genocide
3 Congressmen Joined Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues
The Issue of Armenian Genocide to Be Discussed in Both Chambers of U.S. Senate
New Resolution on Armenian Genocide Submitted to U.S. Senate
City council of Edinburgh adopts draft resolution on Armenian Genocide
Reconciliation Impossible without Armenian Genocide Recognition
Results of National Sociological Poll Published In Armenia
Armenian Heirs Settle AXA Class Action Lawsuit
It Would Be Difficult To Build New Europe Without Repentance, Armenian President Says
San Paulo City Parliament Adopts Armenian Genocide Resolution
Over 10,000 ANCA WebFaxers Call On Speaker Hastert To Schedule Vote On Armenian Genocide Legislation
City of Fresno to Build Genocide Memorial
Video Of System Of A Down Armenian Genocide Rally Circulating Online
European Parliament Makes Armenian Genocide Recognition A Precondition For Turkey's Accession To EU
European Parliament: Armenian Genocide Recognition - "Essential Term" For Turkey's Accession To EU
System Of A Down Calls On Speaker Hastert To Hold Vote On Armenian Genocide Resolutions
Radanovich Praises House Committee For Passing Armenian Genocide Legislation
Panel Passes Resolutions Calling Armenian Killings 'Genocide'
Record Number Of Armenians Set To Watch Webcast Of Armenian Genocide Vote
Anca Tours With System Of A Down
Cancellation Of Armenian Genocide Resolution Discussion In U.S. Congress - Result Of Bribery

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