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31 10 2007 - The Armenian Question and recognition of the Armenian Genocide
Dear Friends:
Please watch Armen Ayvazyan's You Tube interviews at Epikentron ( part 1 & 2 ) and " Tempus " Talk Show at ArmNews ( parts 1-3 ) on the Armenian Question. ( Interviews are in Armenian ).
Also, attached, find an interview article which appeared in " Golos Armeni " on the topic of " Is Armenia trailing behind information war of its adversaries ?", in Armenian and Russian languages.
We hope that you will find this informative.

Best regards, " Ararat Foundation "
Part 1 Epikentron

Part 2 Epikentron

Part 1 " Tempus " Talk Show

Part 2 " Tempus " Talk Show

Part 3 " Tempus " Talk Show

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