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26 10 2007 - Genocide film shown in European Parliament
Wednesday, October 24, 2007<BR><BR>
'Screamers' explores why genocides have occurred in the modern era and was screened in tribute to Hrant Dink, the Armenian newspaper editor-in-chief murdered in Istanbul this year<BR>
ISTANBUL – Turkish Daily News<BR>
A special screening of the “Screamers,” a BBC documentary on genocide denial has been held in the European Parliament. It was shown as a tribute to Agos newspaper editor-in-chief Hrant Dink who was gunned down on an Istanbul street in January 2007.

The documentary concentrates on why genocides have occurred in the modern era. The rock band, System of A Down, is involved in the film. The band members are grandchildren of people who survived the tragic events that occurred in eastern Turkey during World War I. Survivors of events in Rwanda and Darfur are also examples of the problem.

Carla Garapedian who attended the screening directed the full-length film. She told the audience about her experiences in shooting the film and urged those present to not turn a blind eye to genocides while they were happening. She also described those people in Europe and America who were trying to deny that genocide had occurred in various places as hypocrites for placing obstacles to the process of genocide recognition.

Garapedian also called on the European Union Parliament to support people in Turkey who wanted to speak about the events that occurred during the last days of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey's current stance on the issue.

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