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26 10 2007 - Tigran the Grate- extend Armenian rule into Syria and northwestern Iran
Tigranes II (95-55 B.C.), revered by Armenians as Tigran the Great, is the sole Armenian monarch who not only succeeded in unifying all the lands inhabited by the Armenians but also extended Armenian rule into Syria and northwestern Iran. In the first century B.C. he created an Armenian empire which lasted for some two decades, taking the title of "King of kings," which until then was only held by the kings of Parthia.

Tigranes' greatness lay in his attempt to forge an independent and powerful state and to break away from the constraints imposed upon Armenia by its geography as he tried to free Asia Minor from Persian military and political threats in the east and those of Rome in the west.

In this lecture, Bournoutian will also draw comparisons between Roman and U.S. imperialism
in the Middle East, as well as consider the varying historical pictures of Tigranes in Armenian and non- Armenian sources.

Dr. George Bournoutian has translated and annotated Tigranes II and Rome (Mazda), the classic work of historiography by Hakob H. Manandyan (1873-1952), never previously available in English. Bournoutian is also the author or translator of numerous other books, including A Concise History of the Armenian People, Two Chronicles on the History of Karabagh, and The Travel Accounts of Simeon of Poland.

Tigranes II and Rome will be available for rchase and signing by Dr. Bournoutian.

This lecture is co-sponsored by NAASR and
the AGBU-Toronto.
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