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26 05 2007 - Alexander Arzoumanian was arrested late at night on May 7, 2007.
Statement by the Family of Alexander Arzoumanian
[May 17, 2007]
Alexander Arzoumanian was arrested late at night on May 7, 2007. He is being held in a jail cell at the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia on charges of money laundering.
All of us who know Alexander Arzoumanian, personally or by reputation, believe that the criminal charges are absurd, that his arrest is part of an ongoing campaign by the current leadership of violence and intimidation, bribery and misuse of administrative resources, aimed at supressing true democracy and human rights in Armenia.
Alexander Arzoumanian has always been known for his courage and incorruptibility, when as a young man he shared in the struggle for an independent, democratic Armenia, when he served the Republic of Armenia as its first ambassador to the United States and to the United Nations, when he was made foreign minister in 1996, and when he resigned from his position in 1998 as the curent leadership took power.
He has actively, lawfully opposed this regime ever since. He cannot be bought. He will not be intimidated. After our house was searched on May 5, he continued to work, he continued to speak out, until they arrested him at 11:30 at night on May 7, outside our front door.
Today we are asking all of Alexander Arzoumanian's friends and colleagues in Armenia and abroad, and we are asking those of you who may be hearing his name for the first time, to learn whatever you can about this matter, from us, from our lawyers, from the press, and from the government. Join Alexander Arzoumanian's family and friends in pressing for a just resolution of this matter. Understand that Alexander Arzoumanian has always worked for the good of his country, and that if this can happen to our family today, it can happen to your family tomorrow.
Let it be known to the leadership and the people of Armenia that you are following this case, that you are concerned, that you care.
Free Alexander Arzoumanian.

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