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12 05 2007 - Basque Parliament (Spain) Recognizes the Armenian Genocide
Jean Eckian
Basque Parliament (Spain) Recognizes the Armenian Genocide
Pursuant to the resolution adopted by the held ordinary plenary Meeting on April 20, 2007, this Presidency, being prevailed of the provisions article's 97 of the rules in force of the Room, orders its publication in the Official Bulletin of the Basque Parliament.
We certify:

That the plenary Meeting of the Parliament Basque, in the held meeting on April 20, 2007, approved an institutional declaration at the time of the 92nd birthday of the Armenian genocide, in accordance with the following text:
"The first genocide scientifically planned, organized and carried out in the history of humanity, was perpetrated by the Young Turks and ideology of the panturquism against the Armenian people, which
generated the murder of almost two million people. Crimes of this nature must be denounced to prevent that they are not repeated, like restoring the human and national rights to the victims and condemning
the culprits.
This genocide must deserve the sanction of the Basque people and all the people of the world.

Basque people and his institutions rejected ethnic, religious or political discrimination, and this Parliament always denounced all the acts of genocide, by considering that the walk of time does not imply
the lack of memory. The denunciations of the genocides by our Parliament like those of Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraki Kurdistan and the Ukrainian artificial famine of 1932-33, etc, are clear examples.

By this institutional declaration, this Parliament unifies his voice with those of the other institutions and Parliaments like European Parliament, Council of Europe and multitude of official and regional
Parliaments, as well as the international institutions and humanitarians who denounced these facts.

In agreement with what precedes, Basque Parliament included 6 articles in which it affirms the autentic character of the sudden genocide by the Armenian people; denounce the systematic Turkey's negationnism and rejects the frontier and economic blockade subjected to the Armenia Republic.
Moreover, the Parliament, under the signature of his president, Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, declares his sympathy to the Armenian people, and supports his efforts to consolidate its democratic process and to affirm in the Caucasus area a stable space of co-operation and freedom.

Jean Eckian / Paris


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