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01 05 2007 - An Appeal to all Armenians from Ramagvar party
News from Ragmar party -Appeal to all Armenians
115 Idema Road, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1A9 Canada. Fax: +1(905)709-4005, e-mail: ramgavar
During recent years, a number of Armenian individuals have considered themselves “authorized” to establish relations with organizations or individuals directly affiliated to Turkish authorities, with the pretext of “Consolidating relationships between Armenia and Turkey.”
The Armenian Democratic Liberal (Ramgavar) Party is fundamentally and categorically opposed to all such arbitrary and unauthorized action, regardless of whoever the Armenian individual(s) may be. The exigency right of the Armenian Cause (Hay Tad) is a highly political issue belonging exclusively to Western Armenians. And therefore, all action taken in this respect must be approved and supervised solely through the political parties in the Diaspora. Consequently, any relationship with Turkish authorities or any subordinate group should be established by the approval and instruction of appropriate political parties in order that coordination and consistency prevail.
It should also be emphatically outlined that the sole aim and motivation of all types of relations and negotiation with the Turks serve the highest interests of the Armenian nation.
The Armenian Democratic Liberal (Ramgavar) party is directly opposed to any and all “peacemaking” action undertaken through private individual(s) or groups. Considering this kind of iniziative to be extremely harmful, blameworthy and perfidious, the ADLP will not spare any means to unmask and to call to account all wrongdoers.
In this respect, we appeal to all our compatriots to convey any and all information concerning any Armenian individual or group trying to extend any level of relationship with the Turks. Our e-mail
address is: At this fatefully decisive point in the pursuit of Armenian Cause, it is absolutely unacceptable to tolerate petty and ignorant betrayal of our nation for the sake of material or other gain by trampling the highest interests of our nation.
Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavar)


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