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10 04 2007 - “ARARAT” Center for Strategic Research presents
Dr. Armen Ayvazyan to speak on Strategy and Security
The “Studies on Strategy and Security” is a summary of various expert analysis and com¬men¬tary on the issue of military-political security of Armenia. It aims at identifying and classifying the basic elements of the salient issues, as well as the major directions of research and me¬tho¬do¬lo¬gies in the field.

The book includes articles by 18 authors, including international and regional security and mi¬litary experts, political scientists, historians and psychologists.

This volume investigates the core issues of the agenda of modern strategic thought of Ar¬me¬nia, including: the armed forces and the military doctrines of Armenia and its potential adversaries – Azerbaijan and Turkey; the vital importance of the liberated territories for Armenia; the urgent pro¬blems related to the information war being waged against Armenia; the development and the im¬provement of the relationship between Armenian society on the one side and the Armenian state and the army on the other; some aspects of military history that have current relevance for Ar¬menia; the role of ethnic psychology in the Armenian-Turkish relations; as well as classical and con¬temporary theories of strategy.

Armen Ayvazyan, Director of the “ARARAT” Center for Strategic Studies is the complier and editor of the volume. He will also be introducing the works of Maj.-Gen. Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan, former commander-in-chief of the Armenian self-defense forces during Artsakh/Karabakh War; Samvel Martirosyan and Ruben Tarumyan, experts on information technologies and security; Davit Jamalyan, military psychologist; and Zori Balayan, writer and journalist.

NOTE: The first volume of the “Pro Patria” series is titled: Liberated Ter¬ri¬to¬ry of Armenia and the Settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Se¬lec¬ted Studies. Compiled and Edited with an Introduction by Armen Ayvazyan. Yerevan: “Lusakn”, 2006. 372 pp. & a map (in Armenian and Russian).

The Mission of "Ararat Foundation": The primary objective of "Ararat Foundation" would be step by step formation and development of an Armenian school of strategic thought ("Ararat" Center for Strategic Research). This would be an independent institution dedicated to promoting understanding and resolution of Armenia's security problems through a program of research, information and outreach.

To contact "Ararat" Center for Strategic Research, please visit or e-mail us at

8:00 p.m., Wednesday April 11, 2007
“Brandview Collection"
109 East Harvard Street, Glendale, CA
Donation: $15


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