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08 03 2007 - Greek video "accused" Atat urk
-March 7, 2007 -Jean Eckian
Associated Press reports that Türk Telekom, first supplier of access Internet in Turkey, blocked the access to YouTube. The decision of the correctional court of Istanbul was made "after this Internet site had diffused a video considered to be offensive for Atatürk, the father of modern Turkey", declared Wednesday president de Türk Telekom.

Since the beginning of the year, Turkish and Greeks Net surfers devote themselves to a battle on the website YouTube by publishing video insulting or turning in derision their adversaries.

According to first elements' revealed by Vatan newspaper, an Greek video "accused" Atatürk of homosexuality. A user Turkish would then have retorted by calling Greece "the cradle of homosexuality".

Jean Eckian


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