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28 02 2007 - Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul shocked
Jean Eckian
According to several Turkish newspaper reports of Feb.
26, "Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul was shocked when he saw an Armenian Genocide DVD in an issue of the TIME magazine European edition on his plane."
On Feb. 26, Sassounian reported: "Gul and members of his delegation were returning to Turkey on February 11, after spending several days in Washington, D.C., lobbying against the pending Congressional Resolution on the Armenian Genocide. On their Lufthansa Airline flight, they discovered that the TIME magazine issue handed to them included a DVD as well as a full-page
announcement on the Armenian Genocide. Gul was reportedly very upset that Armenians were carrying out propaganda activities even on his plane. He said he would conduct an investigation."
Reportedly, a Turkish official filed a complaint with Lufthansa Airline condemning the appearance of the TIME issue and the DVD on board of its airplanes. But Lufthansa executives brushed aside the complaint.
Now, in response to TIME Feb. 12 issue's appearance on board Air Tahiti Nui, Lufthansa, and several other major airlines, wouldn't it be interesting if Turkey boycotts these airlines? An "effective" Turkish boycott would effectively keep denialist Turks out of the air space of several nations that have already officially recognized the Armenian genocide.
Or, Turkey can take a good lesson from TIME Europe by correcting its misguided denialism sooner rather than later. The TIME lesson is that, more than anything else, TIME has done itself a great service by re-establishing its journalistic credibility and integrity among several hundreds of thousands readers in Europe and around the world.
Whereas Turkey, continues its auto-destructive denialism only to one day find out that it has more to gain than to lose by filling its history gap with a genuine acknowledgement of the facts of a
Turkish-masterminded and executed genocide that cost the Armenian Nation over one and a half million innocent lives and the loss of an entire homeland in Western Armenia.
Otherwise, Gul and his denialist masters in Ankara can do well to remember what Mehmet Ali Birand, a Turkish journalist, predicted a while ago about "Armenian Tsunami" in 2006. Apparently the "Armenian Tsunami" will continue to engender "Hurricane Armenia" in this and many years – or decades to come.


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