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26 02 2007 -Turkish and Azeri actions of misinformation
Paris, Febuary 26, 2007 -Jean Eckian
Turkish and Azeri actions of misinformation
With approach of the vote of resolution H.RESO.106 by house of Representatives of the United States of America *, probably a few days before 92nd commemoration of Armenian Genocide, a Turkish-Azeri
coalition makes considerable efforts to prevent what will represent for the Armenian people a historical vote; that of the recognition of Genocide of Armenians of 1915 by the United States.
Thus, after having requested the Jewish assistance of the lobbies and State of Israel in order to block the resolution, a breaker Turkish-Azeri supported by the ultra nationalist movements, launch of the actions of misinformation in Europe and to the United States,
while in Switzerland begins on March 6 in Lausanne the lawsuit against Dogu Perincek, chief of the Turkish "Working Party" for negationism on the Swiss ground in year 2005. This one threatens, with its partisans,
to invest Lausanne, then Paris. He had declared on December 24, 2006, during the annual Congress of the Working Party "We will show our force! ".
Some of these actions will be officially announced in Baku, on March 9, at the time of a "International Congress of the Turkish and Azeris Diasporas" in the presence of the Turkish first minister Recep Tayyip
Erdogan. In same time, independent journalists of these two countries will publish a bulletin in several languages entitled "Armenian Investigations" with for objective putting in "Study of the Armenian crimes against the Turkish population". It is expected that these negationnists publications are distributed in several thousands copies in Europe and United States.
In parallel, chief of the Turkish diplomacy, Abdulah Gul, met 23 members of Parliament of Turkish origin of several European countries in the objective to obtain their support to reverse the prejudices which remain in the connection of Turkey in the Union population.
Finally, directed since Germany, "Talaat Pasha Committee" under the direction of its secretary, Ferit Ýlsever, will organize in Paris a Conference, on April 13,14, and 15, 2007, whose topic will be devoted to the Young Turks.
Never since the Armenian Genocide, Turkey will not have deployed as many means, partly with subsidies of European Union, to try to deny the undeniable to the world face.
* H.RESO.596 from The Library of Congress
Jean Eckian


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