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050324 - Artisti ARMENI CIPRIOTI , ESPONGONO ...
Gibrahayer-March 22, Nicosia: Twenty five Armenian Cypriot artists exhibited their works in an unprecedented exhibition at the Vahram Utudjian Hall of the Armenian Prelature the opening of which was held on Friday 18 March at 7:30 pm.
Hundreds attended this unique happening which was organised by the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus Oshakan Chapter.
The following Armenian Cypriot artists participated: Arakelian Gohar, Arakelian Shoghik, Bahadourian Arpineh, Bezdikian Garbis, Eskidjian Sosse, Ferahian Tatiana, Foukara Mariam, Guevherian John, Iltchibekian-Martin Pepi, Kasparian-Petridou Therese, Kazandjian Sona, Kouyoumdjian-Torossian Talar, Malikian Sevan, Mangaldjian Manoug, Megerditchian Gregory, Megerditchian Lily, Nadjarian Puzant, Papazian Azniv, Sarkissian Alidz, Sarkissian Anahit, Shahinian Evstathiou Lucy, Tashdjian Nanor, Tashdjian Vartan, Tashdjian-Tchalikian Taleen, Tellalian Linda, Touloumdjian Hapet, Torossian Hourig, Utudjian Aris and Voskeritchian Robert.
Images of the event will be posted in next week's issue.
Margolis continued...

Dear Editor,
I was amazed to read the letter of Mr. Nicos Margolis, concerning the voting patterns of Armenians in Cyprus. Having worked with Armenian Cypriots and studied their lives for over twenty years now, I could not recognise the people he was describing. But could I ask one question first? How does anyone know that "nearly 100%" of any group voted one way or another? Where did he get such information? He states it as a fact, but I suspect that he has not interviewed nearly 100% of all Armenian Cypriots. Or perhaps the ballots are marked by ethnic group? I suspect he bases this on the remarks of a (very) few people.
I was also interested to note that he speaks of Armenian Cypriots (whom he only calls Armenian) as ruining "my country". Is it not their country too? He writes from London. I don't know whether he lives there or in Cyprus but the Armenian Cypriots that I know are dedicated to Cyprus, love their country, and vote in any election on the the basis of rational choices in terms of economics, etc. Just like other citizens. Yes, certainly one can find a few Armenian Cypriots and Armenians in other countries who are rabidly anti-Turk. I seem to remember that there are a few Greek Cypriots who have similar sentiments, some rather well-known ones, in fact. I would hate to see all Greek Cypriots described as being so prejudiced. That too would not be true.
On the contrary, my research showed that most Armenian Cypriots have fond memories of their Turkish Cypriot friends and some have re-established acquaintance with those families as the opportunities have arisen. Armenian Cypriots are well able to distinguish between individuals and governments. Many are still fluent in Turkish, due to the high level of integration before the island was divided.
By the way -- I'm curious -- how many Armenian Cypriots does Mr. Margolis think there are? I'm afraid he will be very disappointed when he finds that the number of voting-age citizens of Armenian descent could not possibly have made a dent in the overwhelming "no" vote. The question is -- why is he so prejudiced against Armenian Cypriots?
Dr. Susan Pattie - London

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