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050316 - SUDDEN TURN on Flash TV (Turkey)
The brave Pastor
SUDDEN TURN on Flash TV (Turkey). The brave Pastor.
From Jean Eckian (Paris, France)

The Armenians which were likely to see special transmission (Flash TV) on the Genocide, Saturday March 12, during 5 hours, really were satisfied. This transmission brought together military officers to the retirement, diplomats and journalists. Objective, to deny the Genocide of the Armenians. But, at the last moment, the Armenian patriarche ¬in favour of turk- invited, declines its presence. Replaced by Pastor Kirkor Aghabaloglou (Aghababian), the participants to programme had the great surprise of their life. Said minister face to face: « Sirs, the Genocide is the truth, which you want or not ». « I know that my life will be threatened after this broadcasting, but the Armenians did not disappear by operation of Holy Spirit ». Certain guests threatened to leave the set if the persons in charge for the TV not to make made quiet.


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